My Small Dot in the Sea of Infinity

The World Wide Web is like an infinite space of knowledge, ideas, opinion and just about anything else under the sun. You can literally be lost in its clutches for days, weeks, months and even years on end. Fortunately, for me, I have managed to found my dot in this web of infinity. A dot I can fondly call my home and theoretically my own.

I have tried to create many blogs, often times subdividing my varied interests, but I always return to my brain child – CEREBRAL INSIGHTS. Somehow, like a first love, I can’t seem to let it go. Like a favourite toy, I can’t seem to find any other blog wherein I could express myself as succinctly or as verbose as I want too. Many times I have been impeded to write for I have taken into consideration my audience and what would best suit them, what their minds can comprehend and what would entertain them. But this has hindered me from expressing who I really am and has led to many fitful nights of wanting to write as eloquently as I can but being restricted by fear that my readers won’t understand.

And so, after much ado over nothing, I have resigned to simply be myself. To write as I deem fit – reader or none. I write to release. I write to express. I do not write to impress. I have learned to give up writing to please others – readers, award-giving bodies and even search engine rankings. This is my space. My refuge. My mind’s way of de-cluttering the noise of my surroundings.

This small digital space I humbly call my own is an accumulation of my various thoughts about almost everything under the sun. There’s countless opinion on my favourite topic – society and current events mostly revolving around the socio-political scene of our country. Then there’s the timeless classic, and the window to my soul, posts about the hums of the depths of my heart. Love posts that someone once told me was enough to render a space in Peyups. I also posts about my work – sometimes rants but mostly reflections and as I mature, learnings. Then there are my posts about my travels usually posed as a guide and my posts about reviews of books, movies and places I’ve been to. There are the occasional posts on the mysteries of our faith and the equally rare posts on the wonders of science. The menus at the top all represents the various categories I have chosen to name my posts.

I have chosen to stick to this theme – the Chunk theme by WordPress – for to me it represents a straight out broadsheet. The kind that my generation these days no longer encounter, much less read. I like it for its streamlined design – no disturbing widgets at the side to distract – and for the distinctive reference to the world I might never encounter – a no-holds barred broadsheet publication.  Update 1.1.2016: I have decided to adapt a new theme and create my own header. Hence the look.

And so to you reading this blog, may you find whatever it is you are looking for in the nooks and crannies of my small dot in infinity. May you be entertained, enlightened, moved to action and even – troubled – by what you read. I welcome comments, both in agreement or disagreement about the views presented here.

If at any point you read a post, and you think you know the person being referred to – well, you don’t. The similarity is purely coincidental. No matter if you know me too well to be sure. My posts are my views alone. I seek not to offend but to point out the truth – no matter how harsh it maybe.

Enjoy your stay and may you come back for more.


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