In Scud’s Memory

You have ran the race. You have fought the good fight. And you have been faithful.
-quoting 2 Timothy 4:7

To my friends who don’t know this guy, his name is Scud Dy. He’s around my age, an Atenean, a Nagueño, a Bicolano.

Ever since I learned about their IGP (income generating project) – Mr. Kengkoy, I have been inspired by him. It was the first time I learned what having a business with a heart means. That it is possible for a business to earn profits and at the same time uplift the lives of a community – the concept of social entrepreneurship.

Mr. Kengkoy, now rebranded as Gugu is an inspiring success story – for the founders behind it and the community at the foot of Mt. Mayon that they’ve helped. If you have a chance, google them up. Better yet- support them by buying their backpacks made from jute cloth.

Scud had so much potential in him. He had such a bright future ahead. But leukemia took a toll on his life and he’s battled it courageously in the past years. But what’s amazing is that he didn’t let the illness defeat him.

In the short and occasional conversations we would have in Facebook, he’d say he’s ok, getting better, getting stronger. He has been very brave and strong. I am overjoyed when I see his photos in Facebook – strong, alive, healthy.

Losing an aunt to leukemia, I can imagine the battle he and his family must be going through. But Scud always remained a picture of positivity and a beacon of hope. When I briefly saw him last December he was so full of life.

And so it came as a shock that this week, his time was up. He was called to heaven by our Maker. He has finished his race.

But it was a race well fought. It was a life well lived. He has touched and inspired thousands.



Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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