Voting for Duterte: A Biblical Response.

While the author meant this for Duterte, I believe it applies to any of the political candidates.

God did gave standards on who we should elect as “elders” or leaders among us ) as stated numerous times in the Bible. However, He did say that we must submit to the authority of this world – regardless if they share the same faith or not – for ultimately it is Him who is in control of our history.

For that reason, I believe that whoever wins the Presidency, God appointed that person – even if that person is Binay (who I really pray doesn’t win). In the end, the question is, how do I submit to His overall plan even when that plan doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

However, I was also given free will. Free will to vote who I believe is the right candidate and free will to elect the person who I believe can represent our country best. And for me, that choice is Mar Roxas. Again he is not the perfect candidate but he is the better choice.



Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte is a presidential candidate for the Philippines this 2016. He is politically succesful but morally controversial. While serving as a Mayor for more than 20 years, he has turned his city of Davao from one of the worst cities into one of (if not) the safest and most organised cities in the entire Philippines. His success is attributed to his ‘heartless’ attitude towards criminals and his toughness against injustice and inequality. However, mayor Duterte is also known for his ‘immoral’ habits such as gambling, womanising, drinking and swearing.

This dilemma seems to ‘cripple’ some Christian netizens because they want a leadership like Duterte’s, but at the same time they feel as though they are condoning his un-Christian behaviour if ever they opt to vote for him.

So, if you are a Christian Filipino citizen and you are undecided because you want to glorify God in choosing the…

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