We all have different sets of friends.

I have my elementary friends; my high school friends; my college friends; my Bio friends; my PMS friends; my UPCYM/CRL friends; my friends from various companies I worked with and so forth.

The way I divided my friendship circles is by the time in my life where I met them. Some people divide their friends by the interests they share i.e. movie friends, flow arts friends, travel buddies, etc.

Yesterday, I learned I was part of the “serious” friends of a certain someone. This friend of mine had friends for fun, friends for silliness, friends for non-serious matters and eventually friends for serious stuff.

I don’t really know if it’s a correct label – if I should be offended or be thankful. I don’t think I totally agree with labeling friendships in terms of types of fun level. Does it mean then that serious friends cannot be fun and fun friends cannot be serious? Doesn’t that make the relationships stifling?

I spend serious and light moments with my college friends. I have fun and serious discussions with my UPCYM-CRL friends. My house buddies can both be silly and serious when the situation calls for it.

We all have our own ways of categorizing our friends. For some, it’s as simple as close friends vs acquaintances with close friends sharing everything in their lives and acquaintances being just there in the sidelines.

With the kind of personality I have, I tend to amass friendships from every single point in my journey through life. The number of people I’m close with is countless, but then I’m close with them – sharing my entire life story – only for the moment that we have shared experiences. Once each of us move on to our different life paths, although communication remains mainly thanks to Facebook, the closeness becomes a memory of the past. But I’m glad to know that these friends I have from different circles are both fun, silly and serious when the situation calls for it.

I guess I’m just sad to know that the person I’m projecting will form a huge part of my life in the foreseeable future sees me as nothing more than just a “serious” friend.

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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