Week 5: Planetshakers Live in Manila

Who are the Planetshakers? They are simply the best worship band from Australia. Back in my college days, I was only aware of Hillsong as the famous band from down under. But ever since I started attending Jesus Rocks (the church I belong to right now) I have been exposed to a lot of contemporary worship Christian music and by contemporary I mean those that can make you sing, dance, and even headbang!

Listening to their music over the last months has definitely empowered me and helped me draw closer to Jesus. When there are times I feel down – wondering if all His promises are really true and if I am indeed headed to my great destiny – I just pop in a song from the band – Limitless, Turn It Up, Nothing is Impossible or any other song form their albums – and my spirit is immediately boosted up.

There’s a definite sense of confidence and faith building whenever I am led to worship through their songs.

I am writing this blog down – way before my other week entries because I just have to convey to words how great the concert was. It was more than just a concert. It was a glimpse of how amazing heaven would be when we would have unlimited time to worship God – worship Him using the kind of music that speaks to us.

You see, worship is not about the songs really. It’s not about the music even. You can have a solemn worship with hymns. You can have a loud worship with rock songs and fast songs. You can have reggae songs as worship songs. You can have country music.

What is important is your heart – a heart that just bursts out of joy and desire to give praise to the One who saved you from your sins; the One who directs your future; the One who has loved you and continues to love you no matter what you do.

Remembering all that Jesus have done for me and all that He continues to do for my life brought out the desire in me to give Him the best worship possible. I jumped. I screamed. I shouted. I hooted. I sang. I headbangged. I was all out.

And I am so proud that it’s not just during big worship concerts I can do this type of worship. I can do it every week. At our church.

Create Momentum

If there was one thing I would keep from the concert – it’s what they shared. About how we ought to aspire to have that great moment with God and use that to create momentum. As they said, we can create good memories about the awesome night, the awesome worship, the wonderful band, the great place, the great company but what they wanted us to have is that one great encounter with God – that encounter that would create a momentum. A momentum that would start to impact a lot of people.

I have always wanted God to use me – use me for a great purpose.

And tonight, I asked for that momentum to begin. And never stop.

All Access Pass

I liked the story about the All Access Pass. One of the worship leader shared how he had to work his way up the ranks. He started by setting up chairs, arranging instruments and practicing until he became a great musician. And he did all of those to have the All Access Pass during the Planetshakers concert and to eventually be playing on the stage.

However, his friend, who was six years old didn’t have to do any of what he did – and one day just had that all-access pass. Why? Because the kid was the son of the boss.

Just like the kid, we have an all-access pass too. An all access pass to our God – our Father who has given us such wonderful promises contained in the Bible. And we don’t need to work for it. Not for a single bit.

The MRT mishap and the Friday rush hour couldn’t stop me from going to this momentous occasion which was a glimpse of heaven here on earth.

Author: elleica

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