Week 4: Two Different Types of Grills

This weekend my adventure involved backyard grills in posh neighborhoods. It was serendipitous that they were two unrelated events but managed to happen at the same weekend thus lending a theme to my 52 Weeks of Adventure posts.

Backyard Grilled Steak

It was my first time to taste a steak so fine. I’m not a fancy person so I don’t normally eat steaks especially if they’ll cost an arm and a leg. My boss likes to buy fresh steaks from the market and cook them on his own. He claims you don’t have to go to some fancy restaurant just to have a perfect steak. You can just do it on your own.

True enough, he was able to perfect his own steak. Grilled at searingly high temperatures (notice the flames) for a minute each side and out comes a steak that’s cooked medium rare – pinkish in the middle – and really, really juicy.

It was so good and we all had one big generous slice each. Paired with perfectly boiled potatoes and homemade cheese and your night is set.

It was a perfect recap for our day which was spent working on important business. I called it a backyard grilled steak because it was literally grilled at the backyard of my boss’ house in Alabang. Not the posh Alabang Village but the semi-posh nearby subdivisions.

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Backyard Grill – A #HIPEvent at Dasmariñas Village

The next day a friend invited me to their exclusive event at one of the most exclusive subdivision in Makati – Dasmariñas Village. I half-expected a real backyard grill event but should have been wiser to know it won’t be anything like that. It was more of a high-end and posh mercatto where there were food stalls from hole-in-the-wall concepts selling fish and chips, specialty sandwiches, roast chicken, hotdogs, etc. Interspersed were the sponsors who were mostly real estate developers. There was a band playing soothing music.

It was a laid-back event where residents of the area can come in, enjoy good food and chill out. The heavy rain did not deter the crowds and though the ground was very muddy, the area was still jampacked.

What was the adventure in both? Being new experiences and an attempt to do something more exciting than just sitting at home, reading a book (though this is infinitely exciting) is what classifies these weekend experiences as an adventure in itself.

Author: elleica

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