Week #1: Freshly Brewed Beer at the Brewery

I sort of made a promise to myself to remain sober for a year but I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to taste freshly brewed beer. This is beer that’s served straight from the brewery with no bottling or storing at all. 

Sadly, I wasn’t able to meet the owner first hand and interview him. Still the experience was something worth noting and recording. 

I don’t really like bars and I’m not really a party person but when given the chance I wouldn’t say no. So when the company announced that we were to take out our Australian visitors to this hip bar in The Palace at BGC I didn’t hesitate to go. 

The Brewery is the first of its kind here in the country. They brew their beer fresh from the start. You can see these giant cylinders brewing 4 distinct types of beer: 

  • Pilsner which is a light type of beer but with an unusual kick
  • Wheat which taste similar to the usual San Miguel but has that grainy aftertaste
  • IPA which is their strongest beer, reddish in color and with a sweet taste like as if it’s added with some iced tea concentrate
  • Black Ale which is a black colored beer with an oaky flavor
Top: The cylinders where beer is brewed | Bottom Left: The sampler | Lower Right: Kenneth enjoying his Brown Ale

If you can’t decide which of the four beers to try, they will gladly give you a sampler with a shot of all the four types. It was how I got to appreciate each variety. I had IPA first then eventually settled for Brown Ale. IPA was good but Brown Ale was better. Even my friends enjoyed it too. 

The price list for their famous beers

The food was good for me. Not that incredible but not bad either. 

The US Angus Steak was a bit overgrilled. It had too many burnt parts but remove those burnt parts and mix with mashed potato and the taste explodes. The gravy is not noteworthy and neither the lettuce with some viniagrette dressing. 

Average bill per meal is at P500

Fish and Chips was also not noteworthy but what I liked, which I haven’t got a picture of is the Pulled Chicken with Potato Wedges and Jalapeno. The spicy taste was simply delectable! 

Marc Abaya and his band, Kjwan was playing that night. They were the lone performer for the night. We stayed to listen to their set until the end. 

What struck me was the vast parking lot filled with cars and the many young kids around. To me they look like kids but I doubt their more than 6 years younger. This is really the party people crowd / generation. Seeing them brought back fond yet bittersweet memories of my ex. He was the party type. 

Parties and clubs are not really my cup of tea but the beer experience was totally worth it. How I wish I had access to the Brewery less the party crowd. 

The Brewery is located at the Palace – a complex of bars and restaurants which can cater to 10,000 people at once. The goal of the place is for Manila to be known as the party capital of Asia. 

Location: 36th corner 9th Avenue BGC

Note: I’m making this post part of my 52 Weeks of Adventure because experiencing a new kind of beer is an adventure. 


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