Week #1: Exploring the Mind Museum

I’m still at Week 1 and already I’ve written about 3 adventures. This series is definitely motivating me to write more and explore more.  Science does comes alive at the Mind Museum. I’ve always wanted to explore this place even before it opened. The science geek in me knew I had so much to learn and enjoy in this place. And true enough I was not disappointed.  Armed with a Metro Deal coupon, I tagged my marine biologist friend along to explore. It was a fun coincidence that the travelling exhibit was about the coral triangle in the country.  What I loved about the Mind Museum is how science is creatively presented. For instance, viewing the newly discovered marine species involved placing wooden blocks in a panel that will detect the embeded digital media and flash it on a screen. It was like placing slides under a microscope.     The area I wanted to explore was the giant display of the brain. It was fun how you have to step on a description of the brain part located on the floor to have the appropriate part light up.     Equally fascinating for me was to see replicas of things I observed only under the microscope.

Top and Bottom Left: Bacteria culture in agar. Both of whom I also studied in Microbio. | Bottom Right: Mitosis phases which I observed for onion cells under a microscope

Another fun display in the Life Section was the Pockets of Life which shows how  large certain groups are due to the number of species belonging to them.     I am not a huge physics nor chemistry fan but I find it surreal being reminded of the names of famous scientists who have become household names to me growing up.

The exhibit asks you to pair a scientist with his famous work.

It was also wonderful seeing their famous experiments depicted artistically.

Left: Erathosthenes who measured the Earth’s circumference | Right: Thomas Young who established the wave theory of light contradicting Newton’s light particle theory

A visit would not be complete without marvelling at the giant TRex replica but it was not what fascinated me in the Earth section. I was more fascinated with the trilobite fossile replica. Trilobites are extinct arthropods considered to be the most successful animal having survived for 270 million years – from the Cambrian to the Permian era. I have always loved drawing them back in my Bio days.     I love how the Mind Museum infuses fun with science. To me, science is fun as it is but to many I know they find it a difficult subject. Even for me, not all Science is fun such as Math but the slides in the playground gives Math a whole new perspective. Though honestly, I don’t know the Math equation for these shapes.     The Mind Museum is a fun place to be. And I would love to go there again – and even buy a year-round pass. I might even volunteer to be a mind mover. I just hope they keep up the high quality of the displays. Already some areas are showing signs of wear. It was encouraging seeing some displays closed for improvement but there are many more due for repair. The interactive nature of the displays do call for regular maintenance.     The Mind Museum at Taguig Opens from Tuesdays to Sundays 9am to 6pm Visit mindmuseum.org for ticket rates and exhibit schedules

Author: elleica

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