The Garden

The first instance where Jesus shed his precious blood for us was at the Garden of Gethsemane. This was where he went to pray on the night he was betrayed and captured. 
Read the account of Luke (Chapter 22:39-46). 

Luke, a medical doctor, recorded how Jesus shed drops of blood while he was praying in deep agony. If you think this is impossible, think again. There is a medical condition called hematohidrosis which is the sweating of blood in moments of deep pain and agony. 

Why was Jesus in pain? 

Jesus knew that he would soon be crucified. He knew the fulfilment of his mission on earth was drawing near. It’s like a convicted felon knowing that his death sentence would soon be carried out. 

But unlike any other criminal, Jesus was innocent. 

Jesus knew that before his crucifixion, he would be tortured, whipped and mocked. He knew he will suffer. 
And to top it off, he knew he would suffer alone. His disciples, whom he called friends would desert him. Even at the last hour, when his body is broken, his Father in heaven would turn His back on him. 

It was too much to bear for any man.  Jesus was both man and God. He can identify with human emotions. 

Jesus Prayer

When Jesus prayed, he said, “Father, if you are willing take this cup away from me. Yet not my will but your will be done.” 

Knowing all he knew, was Jesus looking for a way out? Certainly not!
Jesus was asking that God the Father took away fear from Him. He was asking that God strengthen him for the task that lays ahead. That’s why after the prayer an angel came to strengthen him. 

Jesus acknowledged that God was supreme and no matter how difficult it was, he still wanted to obey God’s will. 

The first shedding of blood at the garden was to free us from our disobedience. 

The first sin happened at the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit. They obeyed their own will and disobeyed God’s will. 

Now Jesus, who is also called the second Adam will correct that wrong. He obeyed God’s will and disregarded his own. 

What a fitting scene that it too shall happen in a garden! 

And now we are called to do the same. 

Having been freed from disobedience, we are called to obey God’s will for us. 
We need to resist temptation- the serpent who whispers in our ears to stop believing; to disobey. 

In Matthew 27, Jesus told his disciples to pray so that they won’t fall prey to temptation. 

Oftentimes it is hard to obey God because we cannot believe His plans. We have difficulties believing He can prosper us. We find it hard to let go of certain things because our trust in Him fails us. 

Yet we know we need to increase our faith. How do we  do it? We start killing our fears. We need to let go of our fear of not being able to survive or let go of our doubts if indeed the impossible is possible. 

Fear terminated  is faith activated.

And when we feel as if the burden is too heavy for us; when we feel we are weak and struggling; then it’s simply time we cast it all upon God.

A practical way to do this is by becoming a true disciple. Read the Bible daily. Pray. Seek God. Glorify and worship Him. Honor Him with our time, money and talents. 

Jesus has saves us from the consequences of our disobedience. It’s time we live a life of obedience. 

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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