People write letters. Then they write open letters. 

Wrote a really long letter today. Felt very articulate I must say. Felt very introspective too. It’s not everyday you get to analyze why someone behaved the way they did because of how I myself behaved. 

So here’s a portion – admittedly edited for public view – just because I like writing (and sharing) so much. 

You challenge, frustrate and inspire me at the same time. 

Before you came I had no one at par with my skills. I was, unconsciously, the star. But you came – smart, well-versed, experienced, skilled – and suddenly I was no longer the star. You knew what I knew. You’ve experienced what I’ve experienced. Every discovery I make, you knew beforehand. 

You were even better than me. And I felt challenged. Finally, a stimulant. 

But you have the irritating manner within you where you have to pop my bubble with every exciting discovery I make just because you knew it already. I proclaim my discovery only to be met with dissent because you knew it long before I did and apparently it ain’t as great as I thought it is. 

Hence my aggression which I knew aggravated you. 

I concede. You are smart. You are well-travelled. More experienced than me. Knows more than me. You’ve touched more lives than I did. 

And that is how you inspire me. For despite the irritating and frustrating challenges I find it inspiring that someone my age could have achieved as much. Have been to places I want to go. Have experienced things I want to experience. Have touched people’s lives the same way I want to touch other’s lives. 

So I look forward to learning more from you. For yes, you are a worthy adversary but more than that you are a great source of learning. 

Just one favor. Don’t pop my bubble too often. 


Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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