The Call to Presidency

I had a dream since I was 10 years old. Just like any other kid, my dream was big. I wanted to become President of the Philippines. I even had plans how to solve unemployment and pollution – some of the early social issues I observed in my native hometown.

As I got older, and reality set in, my dream started to fade into something more realistic. Something I considered attainable as I start to plan out my life. But every now and then, something would happen that will make me remember that childhood dream.

My heart would hurt every time I will encounter a social issue – injustice, political corruption, unemployment, environmental pollution, etc. My heart hurts for the country and the people. And I start to long to serve them, do things to improve our country’s situation.

The dream kept cropping up in odd moments of my life but I never gave it a serious thought. I was at a loss and I thought it impossible. I have no political background or political connections. I have no political education.

But it seems God has His own plans for me – and that my dream is not a silly childhood fantasy.

Last year, God reminded me about my desires to be president. I have since learned that with God nothing is impossible. That God plants our destinies in our hearts in the form of dreams. And because of that, I have accepted that I will, indeed, one day become the President of the Philippines.

I declared it and people have agreed. In fact, they constantly remind me of my dreams. But with every AMEN I answer back, I can’t help but feel some doubt in my heart. I smile and say “Amen” but deep down, I ask God if being president is indeed possible? I mean, look at me? Who am I? Where am I? What am I?

I have so many questions – all directed at the situation that confronts me. That I fail to see the bigger picture. The only question I need to answer was – WHO SENT ME?

And this weekend, God affirmed, that indeed He is in control. And that Yes, Presidency is my destiny. And that I am in the right track of where He wants me to be.

Yes, I do not come from a political family. Yes, I do not have any political background. Political connections? Well, come to think of it. I do know people in high offices who can introduce me to people. I just need to tap them. And as God indicated, the opportunity will arise when the time is right.

What does God require of me now then? His answer is clear: continue to develop myself – who I am in relation to the position I will soon occupy. Looking back at where He has led me in the past years, the experiences that shaped who I am now, I can see without any shred of doubt that indeed He has been preparing me for the time when He will use me to lead this country.

Who would have thought that a biology graduate would find herself excelling in management? Able to effectively manage and lead people, understand how businesses and organizations run, develop acumen in strategic planning – traits essential to a soon-to-be-leader of this country? Along the way God has also been working on my character. That I will not be greedy after power. That I will not fall into the trap that has corrupted many noble souls.

How the rest of the next 15 years will pan out until I qualify for the position – I cannot answer. I trust that God will make it happen.

The voices of doubt is still there. I can still hear them. But just like in the raging seas, I will not let the turbulent waters enter my boat so I will not sink and rather reach my destination safe and well. I will not let the negative thoughts cloud my heart or overpower my mind. I choose to believe that I have Jesus as my captain and that I am riding the boat to my destiny and He will expertly guide me there regardless of the turbulence around me.

Just like how Joseph eventually became Pharaoh’s second in command – I know that everything that is happening to me now is in accordance to His plans. And every day, I learn to trust Him more and more.

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

2 thoughts on “The Call to Presidency”

  1. I would gladly look forward to that happening. And by then I’ll feel like Ben Bradlee to JFK. Hahaha. His plans over our plans.


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