Let’s talk about sex baby

“The global Church really needs to reassess it’s practical views on topics such as this and realise that it is in an inevitable war with an increasingly explicit society, where porn is so accessible, and many young people will grow up with an obscure expectation of what sex is. In order for the Church to better educate unmarried people on what a loving, sexually active relationship looks like, it needs to speak up and it needs to get over the fact that there may be plenty of strong Christians in sexually active relationships, and this does not make them any less a follower of Christ. ”

Couldn’t have said it better. The author has explored the issues the Church currently faces concerning sex.


It seems to me that these days, so many Christians, single, taken, older and younger seem to bury the issue of sex and especially sex before marriage; it is assumed that it is an issue that is not a problem, and that sex should only be discussed and considered within the institution of marriage. This, as far as I am concerned, has led to an increasing number of young people not facing the issue carefully, spiritually or healthily, and there is a growing number of young and older single Christians who are not grounded in their opinion on sex before marriage. Although they may have been told that it is a sin and that they don’t have to think about it until they are married, the fact remains that we are still human, so how do we deal with an overwhelming sense of passion and desire for someone in the…

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