Heaven Is For Real

Is Heaven Real?

Growing up, I have always known that there is Heaven and there is Hell. We were even taught there is purgatory. As I got wiser, I started to question what I was taught. I started to research for myself the reality of the concepts I was led to believe.

For one thing, I knew there is no purgatory. The Bible doesn’t mention it. And the teachings all point to just two possible after life destinations – Heaven or Hell.

But is Heaven just a concept? Is it merely a state of being after death wherein heave would pertain to peace and Hell would pertain to, well, Hell.

I believe not.

Ever since I became sure I was going to Heaven, naturally, I wanted to know what was there. Don’t get me wrong. I love life and I celebrate the life I live here on Earth. But just the same, I was curious as well as excited to go to Heaven.

And so began my research – reading books mostly – on what Heave is like. Many are based on the Bible with some base on those who had their experience of Heaven.

Heaven is Exciting!

In all my research, Heaven proved to be a wonderful place! It is not boring at all! Many people tend to think of Heaven as where all we would do for eternity is worship God. Well, it is true. But by worship we do not mean just sitting down on a pew or standing up and singing hymns and praise songs all day long.

No! Worship is much more than just singing. It is about continually pleasing Him by honoring Him with everything we do.

I am excited that in Heaven we will have glorified bodies – forever young, never getting sick and forever strong. We will be at the prime of our youth – no need for anti-aging products at all! We will always be beautiful.

I am excited that in Heaven everything will be perfect. There is no sin there and hence the consequences of sin is gone. We would experience Eden as it was described. We can interact with animals and not be afraid that they will harm us. (I can’t wait to pay a tiger or a lion!)

The way I picture out Heaven is that it will look much like Earth only better. Nature will be in its full bloom without the effects of pollution. We will be able to exercise our passion – be it arts, sciences, music, fashion, finance, etc. – and not get tired. We will be working but it won’t feel like work because we love it.

In Heaven no one is poor; no one goes hungry; no one is abused – everyone is rich and have more than enough to be filled.

Best of all, we get to see Jesus face to face. Talk to Him about everything. Discuss with Him everything.

Heaven, to me is a glorious place – and I can’t wait to get there.

Earth is Just as Exciting!

When Jesus taught us the Lord’s Prayer He said – “Let your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

What does this mean? Well, what is Heaven? What is His will for us in Heaven? To have more than enough blessings that we can ever imagine. Glorified bodies, wealth beyond our needs, peace and joy in what we do. And what did Jesus taught us to pray for? “Let your (God’s) will be done ON Earth AS IT IS IN Heaven.”

In short, what is true in Heaven, we can claim to be true on Earth.

As challenging as it may seem, we can ask for a Heavenly Experience here on Earth – even long before we reach Heaven.

Here on Earth, we can already experience Jesus’ presence 24/7 – talk to Him, discuss with Him and listen to Him all the time. On Earth, we can already experience the prosperity that God has planned for us. We can already experience the peace and healing that Jesus has made available for us.

We don’t really have to wait to die to experience Heaven for Heaven is something we can experience today. And this is something I have witnessed time and time again in the countless testimonies of the people around me.

It is also something I have personally experienced in my life – the joy of Heaven felt here on Earth.

How To Experience Heaven

How am I assured that I am going to Heaven? How can I be sure that when I die, I will really shoot up to Heaven and not get struck in purgatory or some burning pit in Hell?

How do I experience Heaven on Earth?

The answer is simple: I have Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior.

You see many of us try to think that there is a special requirement to be allowed entrance to Heaven. We think that if we are extra nice to that poor beggar, or if we are hardworking employees who never lose our cool with our bosses or if we are law abiding citizens who never violated a single law even a minor traffic one, then we have a shot at Heaven.

But what happens when you lose your cool and commit a mistake? What happens when you lie and commit a sin? Does this mean then that you forfeit your bus seat to Heaven?

If getting into Heaven was all based on OUR efforts, then none of us will get there. Why? Our efforts cannot pay the entrance ticket to Heaven. For to even be eligible for entry one would need to be blemish free. Meaning we have never, ever, committed a single crime or violated a single law or commandment in OUR ENTIRE lives. If we have done just a tiny amount of sin, then automatically the gates of Heaven are closed on us.

So good thing that the way to get to Heaven is simple and doesn’t depend on any of our works or efforts. Simply, by looking at the cross, and understanding what it meant – that Jesus Christ came down from Heaven to absorb all our sins and forgive us for all the sins – past, present and future – then we can be sure of our free passage to Heaven.

You see God is very holy. He cannot stand sinners (you and me). But He loves us so much. So much in fact that in order to take away our sins and make us holy so we can spend eternity with Him, He sent over His Son Jesus (essentially it’s Him in another form) to go to Earth and absorb ALL of mankind’s sins.

Picture a very clean and white paper and a very dirty almost black paper. The white paper is Jesus. The black paper is us. Only the white paper can enter Heaven. Even if we scrub ourselves black and blue, our paper will always be black. We will always be covered with sin. So here’s the deal. Jesus, all white, absorbed all the darkness – the sins – from us thus turning our paper from black to white. Now, having a white paper, we can enter Heaven. Jesus has the black paper – He has the darkness and sins with Him. He won’t be able to enter Heaven. (Sin has no place in Heaven.)

But the darkness and sins have no power over Him. He merely tore up the paper – crying “It is finished.” Ours is a clean slate and the black slate filled with sin is now crushed and destroyed.

Only Jesus can do that because He is God.

This is what the entire nailing of Jesus on the cross, His death and His resurrection mean.

And so my friend, you have a white paper with you. Jesus already paid for your sins. You no longer have that black paper. You are allowed entrance to Heaven.

Will you believe it? Will you believe that Jesus did die for you and did all of this for you?

Or will you continue to deny your sins? Deny that you need Jesus to save you? Or deny that it is as simple as that and you would rather struggle earning your ticket to Heaven?

Heaven is real. I believe, Hell is too.

Where would you rather go? The choice is all up to you.

Prince of Peace Painting by Akiane Kramarik
Prince of Peace Painting by Akiane Kramarik


If you are ready to accept Jesus into your life and reap the benefits of having Him as your Personal Lord and Savior, simply believe he died for your sins and pray to Him to enter your life. Here’s a sample prayer:

Dear Jesus,

I admit I am a sinner and nothing I do will grant me access to Heaven and Eternal Life. But I believe in You and that You came down to Earth to die for my sins on the cross. Thank you Jesus for this wonderful gift of salvation. I ask You to come into my life and be my own personal Lord and Savior.

I pray this in Your Mighty Name, Lord Jesus. Amen

Then start to believe that Jesus is with you.


Note: If you prayed the prayer above and would like to talk to someone about your life-changing decision today, you can send me an email at acielle.garcera@gmail.com.


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