Israel vs Arabs: Who is to blame?

The Middle East conflict is possibly the simplest of all world conflicts. One wants the other dead. However, the solution is far from simple.


Everyday I thank God that I live in a world devoid of war. Yes, there are challenges in our society which many may construe as war but I am grateful that I do not live in a place where a literal war is going on.

Recently, I heard the first-hand account of a pastor who has been to the land of Israel on a mission trip and witnessed the on-going war. He narrated how he would hear bombs explored over his head in the morning, at night, in the middle of a wedding, in the middle of Sunday worship and in many other instances. Israel was being bombed day-in and day-out that it was commonplace to hear loud wailing sirens signalling for the people to enter bomb shelters to avoid being a casualty.

It was also amazing how Israel has this advanced technology called the Iron Dome who can intercept bombs and cause them to explode in the air. Thanks to this technology, many of the people and structures were saved.

He further narrated how the news are all wrong in citing Israel as the culprit in the war. It is actually the Hamas (the Palestinians) who are the culprit for attacking, over and over again, Israel. Israel never wished to fight. They merely wanted to live in peace. But it was when the Hamas broke the line by killing innocent young Israelis that they had to stand up and defend themselves. Hence the bombing that killed thousands more of Palestinian youth. It is cruel but I say that the Palestinians had it coming. Besides, they are so obsessed with obliterating Israel that they even send suicide bombers to Israeli cities – Palestinians with strapped bombs wreaking havoc in Israel.

War is ugly. It is not a thing of beauty. It is something best left to the movies but must never be glorified. In war, every side loses. Even the supposed winner is a loser for the victory gained is claimed in exchange of lives lost. No one really wins in war.

The Middle East conflict where the Arab Nations vs Israel, a Jewish Nation is a simple conflict – possibly the simplest of all world conflicts. One wants the other dead. However, the solution is far from simple – it is a complicated one.

Who is to blame for the said conflict? The video below explains the whole conflict in a very simple way. And from there you can form your own conclusion on who is to blame.

Author: elleica

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