Superbook Reimagined in 3D

Have you ever watched this show when you were young? I did. I could remember how every weekend morning, me and my siblings would gather in front of the television and watch these kids be transported to another dimension – the Biblical times.

It was my very first encounter with the Bible. Having been schooled in an exclusive Catholic school, we were taught all the dogmas and traditions of the Catholic faith but emphasis on the Bible has been limited to mostly mass readings and Bible stories. Superbook had been one of the avenues for me to become familiar with the Bible’s characters and stories.

Recently, ABS-CBN has acquired the franchise to the series – this time adapted to the new generation’s entertainment preference – 3D animation. It actually kind of looks neat from the advertisements – something which ABS was generous off (cue primetime 30-seconder ad spots and brand bugs). I also saw from an FB post that they have acquired the gizmo mascot.

They are also showing the classic series back-to-back the 3D ones. Probably since, in my opinion, the classic one is still the best version. But that’s because this is my time frame.

I’m glad ABS decided to revive Superbook. It’s about time that the kids of this generation get to watch cartoons with real substance. I long for the time when cartoons don’t just entertain but also educate. Think of Captain Planet, the environmental cartoon. I really watched it faithfully and it helped formed an environmental consciousness in me as early as my pre-teen years.

It is my hope that kids would be enthralled and engaged to watch this show. That despite the modern comforts of today’s technological age and the endless split-second entertainment available, they will learn to find joy and knowledge from classic cartoons such as Superbook.

*I hope they also (or GMA) revive the Flying House.


Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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