My Blog and What It Is All About

This November, there is a movement called NaBloPoMo which is short for National Blog Posting Month. It is meant to inspire bloggers to simply blog and put out in the world what thoughts their minds contain. The goal is to get the juices flowing – fight out mental block – and finally be able to write something down.

And so, being an aspiring great blogger, I decided to join the challenge. NaBloPoMo it is then! Write down whatever everyday for 30 days! There are prompts and ideas to get you going – WordPress and are very supportive of NaBloPoMo. Their combined efforts will make sure that you do not run out of ideas to blog. However, having your own thoughts to write down combined with their suggestions – you shouldn’t really be out of anything to write about. The only question remaining to be answered is your own discipline to allot precious time to breathe life into your thoughts.

As I take on this challenge, and as I begin to actively blog again which means I also check out other bloggers’ blogs and connect with them, I began to see that my blog is actually a mix of everything. There’s just too many topic I usually write about and their of different ideas and thoughts that my blog, at first glance, is a hodgepodge. Kinda like the writer I guess. A repository of general knowledge with some specializations in various aspects but still not a master of anything. Kinda like how my life is as of the moment. 

Still I believe there is a purpose why everything has to be hodgepodge and why everything has to be so diverse. This is me. This is my blog. This is my diversity.



Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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