Of Dreams and Passions; Doors Closing and Windows Opening

What would you do if money was not an object? A question I have often asked myself and pondered to think about. 

What would make me regret years from now that I haven’t done – or tried to do – at least once? A question I sometimes ask myself to gauge how much of my life’s passions I have already achieved. 

Recently (and that is a few hours earlier), I’ve been thinking that the job I have now is literally the easiest job in the world. Or perhaps, for my level, it is something with hurdles of which I know I can surpass but of which does not excite me enough. My criteria for any job I take is that is must be exciting. Enough to get me fired up, blood running, adrenaline rushing and passionate to stay up nights and work long hours without minding the pain or stress because I am simply enjoying and loving what I do. 

My job now will get me the money I desire. My compensation is directly proportional to the effort I put in since the effort I put in will directly correlate to the results I derive. Path to riches – sales seem to be it. But is this what would make me wealthy? Wealthy as I define it is a collection of experiences and learning forged by relationships and wisdom earned. 

Coming from a stress-filled induced job, I must say where I am now does not even rub the tip of the iceberg. Hours would pass by at work wherein I would mindlessly stare at people or my computer monitor and when the end of the day comes, I would think back, how did my time went by? I try to compensate by being proactive – going beyond call of duty – but still, at the end of the day, I am left wondering, is there anything else I can do? 

I know I crave the constant barrage of mental stimulus. I crave the discussions, the mental battles, the creativity outflow. The pay compensates though. I get paid twice what I usually earn for – most of the time – doing nothing. A few pulls at the last minute or a major sale at the onset of the month will be enough to assure me of the basic compensation which is loads better what I used to earn. Deliver results beyond the minimum, you stand to earn as much as infinity. 

But if money was not an object, what would I be doing? What is that dream I would forever regret not living?

The recent TV series I’ve downloaded and my mom’s insistent advice, rings true to my ears. Journalism. It’s something I would always wonder how come I didn’t pursue? I went through so many twists and turns in my life, mostly, without a clear cut path to journalism but the fact remains that I would always dream of doing the news; being part of a news broadcast; reporting current events; analyzing the state of affairs. 

Would I be happy being a fledgling journalist? Reporting the news even for half the paycheck I receive now? Working long, uncertain hours just to chase a story? Constantly putting my life in danger? Being exposed to various elements. Is this what would make me happy? 

Sometimes, opportunities come and you have to jump to get them. Other times, opportunities pass by and you had your chance but missed them. And there are moments when you have to make your own opportunities – or at least the situations for them to present themselves yet again. 

The opportunity to chase my dream seems a dead end for now. But I am not closing my doors to it. Instead, I will create windows – windows to watch out for when the opportunity passes by – then I’ll be sure to finally grab it. 

If one thing is certain, I have always been the risk taker – a risk taker for my dreams; a risk taker for my passions.


Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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