Jack of All Trades / Master of None

This blog has tried to become several things. It tried to be a socio-political blog trying to express my opinions on various socio-political issues. It has tried to be a travel blog of sorts trying to capture my travels. It wanted to be many things among others but at the end of the day, its purpose was mainly to be an avenue where I deposit my thoughts – a repository of my opinions and experiences; a collection of my personal learnings. 

Life is truly unpredictable. Just like how I try to make this blog a specialist into something only to find later down the road that it actually serves a better purpose being a generalist of most things, life has certainly showered me with unexpected twists and turns. 

I was raised to become a scientist. Groomed to be one for years. But after my stint in school, I found out I was suited for other fields. School taught me to be adaptable and to be resourceful. My take-away from my more than 15 years of traditional schooling was that my education must never interfere with my learning. I might have been educated in the scientific field but I have learned way beyond that and it is this learning that I apply now.

From being a scientist, I forayed into customer service specializing in technical issues. I envisioned a career path where I would specialize in what I currently know and carve a name for myself in this industry. But life had another turn for me. 

For a while I tried to do something related to my scientific education. Only to find out all too quickly that life was urging me forward to another direction.

When I began my new journey, I found myself working in my element – management. Being a student leader in the past, I thrived in my new environment of deadlines, meetings, reports and keen attention to small details. I put my organizational skills to good use and later on I found myself taking bigger roles and challenges. Along the way, I acquired vast amounts of knowledge and learned a lot. 

Soon, I entered the world of marketing which expounded into many other branches and fields. I envisioned to create a career path in digital marketing and specialize in social media marketing being the social-media-guru I deemed myself to be. The learning never stopped as I read articles, watched videos and attended webinars. This is my career path, I said to myself. 

But life had other plans. Now, I am yet in another twist in my life. And as characteristic of my other twists and turns, I am set to carve a career path for myself in this industry. To pursue certifications and become an expert in my field. Who would have thought I would enter the financial industry and learn about investments – stocks, bonds, etc. and even become abreast with local and foreign economic news?

I might have changed career paths once too many. But the same underlying tones of excellence, pursuit of knowledge and learning and work driven by passion still remains. I long to be a master of something, just as I’ve longed for my blog to be a specialist of something. But as to date, I remain a jack of all trades and my blog remains a depository of all my hodgepodge thoughts and learnings. 

And never for a single second I have complained about my unusual situation. Rather, I have taken every learning, every experience to heart, enjoying and savoring every glorious moment of it, knowing full well that time will come when my life will come full circle and everything that has happened to me thus far will have served its grand purpose.


Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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