Getaway: Marinduque, Philippines

When visiting a new place, one can always go the easy route and book a travel tour package through an agency. Although such travel packages are not readily available for Marinduque. Most packages available are centered on Bellarocca Island. Since we wanted to watch the Moriones Festival, we opted to be adventurous and create our own itinerary. We haven’t visited Marinduque before and we do not know anyone from there so our sources were travel blogs, Sidetrip Magazine and the official Marinduque Tourism and Marinduque Government site. Since, I haven’t found any single authoritative and complete travel guide to Marinduque, I decided to create one with the hopes of helping some future adventurous traveler create his own adventures in Marinduque.

So here is a compilation of my travel blogs as I explored the beautiful island of Marinduque.
The first few articles will detail our itinerary and provide tips for if you want to visit the place as well. The succeeding articles will tell you in detail about our experiences in Marinduque and my personal reflections on them.
So enjoy as you read along and may you discover, just as I had discovered, the beauty of the heart-shaped island ofMarinduque!

The Wonderful Places of Marinduque
The Wonderful Places of Marinduque

Author: elleica

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3 thoughts on “Getaway: Marinduque, Philippines”

    1. Hi! Are you planning on visiting Marinduque? I’m sorry, I haven’t got around to publishing all the content related to my Marinduque trip. Hope to get around to that within the month. 🙂


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