The Delikadeza of Grace Padaca

She had a warrant of arrest for graft and malversation of funds. Her political enemies filed the case against her. She said she will not post bail and authorities were free to arrest her. She said she’s not hiding from law and the reason her warrant is not being served is because no one is arresting her.

Last week, PNoy appointed her as Comelec commissioner. Last week, PNoy gave her bail money. Last week, LP president-on-leave, Mar Roxas accompanied her to post the bail. Now she holds office at the Comelec.

What’s wrong with the picture?

Grace Padaca suddenly found herself to have a very public role. She’ll be in the plain sight of authorities and the public; of both supporters and critics alike. If she will not post bail the authorities have to arrest her. How will she perform her role then?

PNoy promised her bail money. Mar Roxas accompanied her. For her, this was vindication that they believed she was not a corrupt official. She accepted their help.

In an interview I watched in ANC’s Prime Time, with voice cracking and hinting on tears, she said she had no choice but to accept the President’s offer since she doesn’t have the money on her own. She claimed it will not affect her integrity. She will remain objective in her post.

Granted she is an honest woman; granted she is truly a public servant with good governance at heart but with her actions isn’t it just expected that the public will become wary of her and subsequently the President and his tuwid na daan advocacy? Doesn’t she know that credibility is one of the fundamental qualities of a good leader? Granted her intentions were good, granted the accusations against her were shrouded with political malice, but the actions of PNoy placed her in a bad light.

With PNoy having a senatorial line up of politicians who were before from other sides of the fence but gaining high survey approval ratings at the poll, one can’t help but think that PNoy is merely trying to cast his influence far and wide to assure him of solid support in his undertakings. He is making sure that all of those who can possibly win are part of his ticket.

I would have been supportive of this if only he is also able to show us that the bills that are fair and just are the ones able to pass into law. I know that it is very hard for a leader to get things done if faced with so much opposition. I can understand the need to have unanimous support in the legislature and the judicial branches. But signing the Cybercrime Act into law while continuously belittling the need for the Freedom of Information Law is a sign for me that he is not just and fair. For me, it’s a sign that the interest of the public is not utmost in his mind. For me, it’s a sign he can be influenced and he has his own interest too.

Appointing Grace Padaca as Comelec commissioner and posting her bail may have vindicated Padaca’s innocence but for me it’s a clear sign of PNoy’s one more step in ensuring majority support in the legislative branch. Further, it undermines PNoy’s sense of fairness and equality. Ms. Padaca is accused of the same crime as that of Ms. Arroyo and Mr. Corona. But while the latter two were tried and convicted respectively and upon heavy insistence of PNoy, Ms. Padaca is being defended by the President. Where is the sense of fairness and equality in that? Even if it is clear to the public that she did nothing wrong, she should still have stood trial.

If I were Grace Padaca, I would have stood my ground and demanded fair trial. I would have done it a long time ago. If I knew I was truly innocent, I would have nothing to fear or hide. I would even come forward willingly to clean up my name. I would not let things come this far.

That way, the public would, to this day, retain their trust to the President and his tuwid na daan. That way we can continue to hope that change is possible and is starting in this country. Unfortunately, it seems we’re still on the same old rot hole we were in years ago. The promise of change remains as elusive as a fleeting breeze on a hot dry summer.


Author: elleica

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