Arroyo: No Where To Turn To Now

After finally arresting former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and successfully detaining her in a public hospital despite her alleged serious medical conditions, the administration makes doubly sure she can’t get away with a ruling in her favour by the current supreme court justice. Although the Palace denies it, everyone seems to think that the reason why the congress so hastily voted to impeach Supreme Court Justice Corona is because of the President’s allies in the Lower House. Indeed, it’s a Merry Christmas¬† Pnoy and 2012 can expect back-to-back trials during it’s first months’

But what can we really expect from a justice who was a midnight appointee by the former president who is now expected to be tried by him. Will objectivity really still prevail given the fact that he owes his position of power to the person convicted? GMA was wise but the current administration proves to be wiser. If anything, their accomplishment this year may not so much be a felt improvement of our economy but rather they stuck true to their promise of pursuing the “tamang daan” no matter how dark and hard it is. whether this temporary setback in a glorious economy proves to be better in the long run, only time will tell.


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Author: elleica

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