Philippine Government: A Lopsided Democracy?

A Supreme Court Justice has been impeached. A former President has been arrested. Earlier, an Ombudsman head has been sacked. The former COMELEC Commissioner has also been detained. What else is next?

176 Signatures From Congress Gathered within a Day for Corona's Impeachment

In the past months, the Aquino administration has indeed made it a point to eliminate from any seat of power people who had ties with the former administration. In the pursuit of a “tuwid na daan” the seats of power has been cleansed and purged despite the threats of economic meltdown. (A robust economy is apparently not the priority). I guess pursuing after the right path comes with a cost.

There are those that say that the speed by which Corona has been impeached clearly marks the influence PNoy has on Congress. With the SC Justice gone, there is the possibility that the Supreme Court would also come under PNoy’s influence. Some fear the democratic government which enjoyed equality of the 3 branches would fall into a silent autocracy with 1 branch having pronounced influence in the other 2.

But haven’t it always worked that way? Of course in each branch there are those labelled as opposition thus balancing the act but isn’t it that in the end, the more powerful branch, usually the Executive, is able to get away with what he wants irregardless of the opinions of the other 2 branches? Case in point: GMA and her various criminal allegations gone unpunished and unquestioned until now when the tables has obviously turned against her favor.

Frankly, I don’t feel any remorse for the Chief Justice who was the one who left the Vizconde massacre unsolved despite the 20 years of elusive justice. I don’t feel any allegiance to a Chief Justice who is labelled as a Midnight Appointee of a former president now being tried for her crimes. I don’t trust a Chief Justice who would allow an obvious escape plan of a highly suspected criminal to be put into motion i.e. issuing a TRO against GMA’s watch list order.

Corona: GMA's Midnight Appointee?

But then, I also don’t have much respect for law makers tasked to come up with laws that are supposed to put the country in a more progressive state but really has contributed more to its demise. Case in point: Duwang Camarines. (The Congress has voted in favor of it). Dynasty Rule. (No one has really come up with a law against it).

What I do respect and believe in is justice. Justice, in her own mysterious ways above the powers of man, making her presence felt. It’s about time GMA is tried and punished for her crimes. Her husband would come next. Her cronies and allies are already one by one being arrested. As they say, those who side with evil are eventually punished.

It may be a rough and dark “tuwid na daan” (what could we expect really?) but if it comes down to cleaning the present political scenario of the country or at least proving to jaded Pinoys that this country really has a shot at a clean politics, then I guess it’s worth it. Just so long as whatever skeletons in the closet the present President has must also be dealt accordingly and fairly (paging Hacienda Luisita Issue). Bias must not play a part in any way for any party.

For me, prosecuting those who are at fault and serving real  justice is enough accomplishment for PNoy’s 1 1/2 years in office. But it doesn’t end there. Cleaning up the system has a long way to go and eventually other aspects of society – economy, basic necessities, etc. would be crying out for attention – “tuwid or baku-baku na daan” alike.

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One thought on “Philippine Government: A Lopsided Democracy?”

  1. I agree with you. The goose chase of partisans comprise only one area of democracy. But democracy must not only be an empty liberty but a full life for all. I understand that the President is doing this in the spirit of righteousness, but what is the use of freedom if you are unable to enjoy because of political division and dire economic conditions?


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