The Faith Mystery

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This is not a post about the many intricate mysteries of spirituality. Rather it is a post about the mysteries people may associate to the way I practice my faith.

I have ceased labeling myself with a particular religious denomination. I grew up in a Catholic environment and became Born Again when I was in college. Now I am back in my predominantly Catholic environment trying to balance my new found beliefs as a Born Again and a good testimony to my Catholic social circle.

I have thus labeled myself as having a relationship and not a religion. For indeed, my faith is built more on the relationship I have with my Maker than religion which I believe is very limited and bounded by the rites of tradition, rituals and cultures.

But to most who do not understand, they must remain completely baffled at how I profess my faith. Take for instance today wherein our office is celebrating the Pagsungko ni Ina. It is an event wherein the image of the Lady of Peñafrancia visits our office annually and people hold vigils throughout the day. There’s a mass and the image is fetched and brought back through a procession to her shrine, which thankfully, is nearby.

However, my relationship is with Jesus. Not with Mary. And so I have since then stopped praying to her and worshiping her. For me, there is only One to be worshiped and that is Christ. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit – One God in three forms. Saints and even Mary do not possess the characteristics of God for me to give them my prayers and worship.

And so, years of education and even serving as a student leader of a Mary organization is discarded, for I now no longer believe in Mary as a worship entity.

And thus explains why me, who attends Holy Mass every now and then, who receives communion then and now, refuse to participate in Mary glorifying activities.

Does this shed some light to my albeit mysterious faith?

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8 thoughts on “The Faith Mystery”

  1. Nice. I have had conversations with Orthodox and Catholics who have tried to convince me that there is nothing wrong with praying to Mary and The Saints but I just can’t wrap my head around it.

    I can never know anyone’s heart but it looks to me like you are heading into a fuller and deeper relationship with God. And that, is the best place to be 🙂


  2. Hi Ate. 🙂 i very much agree with your opinion. It’s also one of my dilemma. Since I was I kid I questioned why some Catholics pray to Mary and other saints when they should just be intercessors. The Catholic church still ask the people to pray to them. Why not pray to God directly? My mom often scolds me when I speak to her about this. Now, I’ve come in terms with myself that some people will never fully understand that thinking. I realized that in the end it does not matter what our religion is as long as we know who our Maker is and where we should put our faith.

    Hmm. I guess this also one of the rare time I will openly admit my views on faith. This may seem vague but I am actually happy to find out we share the same opinion on this matter. 🙂


  3. That’s exactly why I added that realistically speaking, not everyone is aware of it. Can you blame them for not knowing? And besides, Mary is the Mother of God, I think every mother deserves credit. Some, but not all. I still agree with what you see though, just don’t let the mistake be the defining standard on how Catholics revere Mary. She’s like God’s celebrity, but not God himself so not worthy of any worship.

    We just acknowledge that she’s way better than us, and we could see her as an example of how to follow Christ’s footsteps isn’t it? Just like any other saint for that matter. No, we don’t worship, we simply take example from them. Help spread the word to those who fail to grasp the concept and mindlessly say that they are already worshiping Mama Mary, because we should not. 🙂


  4. Hi! I’m going to clarify some things here. First of all, the Catholic Church worships only one God. Mary is not being worshiped here. She acts merely as an intercessor, and prays for her to pray for us since she is closer to God than we are. Asking her to pray for us is the same way as asking another person to pray for us whenever we require strength to finish and do our endeavors.

    Although realistically speaking, not everyone is aware of the term “intercession”, especially those who have seemingly forgotten that it is still Christ and God that we should “worship”, namely Catholics who don’t bother to discover more about their faith.


    1. That is what has been taught to us when I was in elementary however the way I see how festivities are celebrated more in her favor than in Christ’s favor makes me think otherwise.


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