Trip Back in Time

Today I decided to go through my things again. Things that I have brought back from my college days and which I haven’t sorted until now. It was a joy browsing through old planners, seeing old letters and old school forms even if I had to throw most of them out eventually. I was hit by a nostalgic feeling of the past and of course a barrage of what ifs. Going through all my stuff also made me realize what kind of a person I had become. And judging by the numerous evidences of my past life, I have little doubts that I am who I am now because of it. It made me ponder too how much lives I have impacted – positively and negatively. It made me wonder how all these people are doing now and if I had done anything to add value to their lives.

We are taught never to dwell on our past. Never to have regrets over anything. But it is always a joy to see where we are now and what we have become as mirrored in the past that we have. Seeing all those memorabilia I kept made me think of the worth and value of each experience I had in the past and how grateful and at times, regretful I am for them. I have learned a lot, truly. And if there is anything I know, I have a lot more to go.

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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