For lack of a better title I used the customary greeting people gave to those they encounter. Which is what exactly is happening right now. I am re-encountering my blog, once more, after months and months of inactivity. Sigh. To think I even bought a domain I do not get to use.

Writing has always been innate in me. It has been my passion since time immemorial. By writing I am able to waste hours and hours and still feel productive. By writing, I am able to conquer loneliness and solitude and actually enjoy them. So after being surrounded by people here and there, I actually miss the solace writing has offered me.

And the writer in me does crave and cry some release. So why haven’t I been writing? One, the MAJOR MAJOR reason of being BUSY. Work has been occupying my time and my love life has been blooming so between everything else I don’t get much writing done. Perhaps I’m also just lazy to write. And then the phone – QWERTY as it may be – still does not live up to the expectations of something I could actually use to blog.

So when finally I can no longer contain it. Here I am – borrowing my mom’s laptop and writing, writing away. Sigh. I should really save up for something like this. A small laptop I could carry with enough battery and capacities that would allow me to write and write and write anywhere I choose. I miss my old eEEPC which unfortunately gave up on me after much use (and abuse?). But it has served me well and to merely repair it and perhaps spend as much as a new unit is for me disservice to it’s loyalty.

So there, without any resources my writing has become sporadic. And sought other outlets such as office correspondences. But alas! Vocabulary becomes hampered, grammar rules are stricter and everything becomes less colorful. Nothing compares to good ol’ blogging.

Especially now that so much has been happening in our country. So many events that I would simply love writing about – sharing my opinions whether or not anyone agrees to it. But sad to say, words just won’t flow and when they do, I have no means to write them. So as before, I let them float to the air and ultimately to oblivion.

But I wish to amend this sad and sorry state of mine. To write once more. Be active once more. Come to think of it, this time last year I was so active I got nominated to the awards happening perhaps in two months time.

But then, time has changed for me. And I am left with wishful thinking of blogging again.

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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