HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the Philippines?!?

A century ago, no one would have thought it possible. Several decades ago, no one would have imagined that the country can be gripped with an epidemic that can be acquired through something the culture considers as taboo – to speak of, discuss, and even practice. But now it is happening. It is real. And it is a gripping fact that everyone must face.

Despite the reputation for high morals and values this country has (suppossedly because of its predominantly Christian upbringing), it needs to come to terms with the fact that times are changing and what was considered taboo before needs to be openly discussed now. If only to save thousands more of innocent yet naive minds.

*Note: A reputation for high morals? A look at recent political events may put a big question mark to that. But that is not the main point of this article.

The facts are staggering and shocking. In less than a decade, the confirmed HIV/AIDS cases in the country has more than doubled in numbers with the people infected no longer restricted to sex workers but including professionals. In fact, the latest additions are young professionals. And with the latest confirmed case that of a 16-year-old, what then does this say of our country?

Simple. Sex has become something a lot of young people engage at – outside of marriage. Sex has entered mainstream consciousness just as other western influences like music and TV shows have. This is how the west has influenced our country that even its culture, we have enveloped.

And so, what do we do now? Should we continue on ignoring the facts, leaving kids to their own devices to discover what sex is all about?

I have always believed that the best solution to all of these would be education. As I had advocated, sex is not something that should be taboo. The more taboo it is, the more people get curious about it. And the more they are likely to engage in unprotected and unsafe sex.

If sex education could only be widely accepted and taught in our country, not just within the confines of the home but also within the four walls of the classroom, then perhaps it can save our generation from the distress associated with it – the health and emotional issues. If sex can be something that is openly discussed and talked about, perhaps people would gain better understanding of what it is all about.

Sex is something wonderful; not something that should be the untoward cause of an incurable and unwanted disease.

News Source: ‘HIV cases in RP reach epidemic level’

Author: elleica

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