cute no more

What ever happened to Devon Sawa? He was really cute 14 years ago but now I cannot say the same thing. I don’t even find him handsome anymore. Not that I am really a fan. Just that today, while I was indulging my heart to piano renditions, I came across this really cool video.

Then I got into thinking about how cute Casper was when he became a boy. The actor who played him then was Devon Sawa. And this is how cute he was then.

"Can I keep you?" -Casper

He really is cute right? So I decided to look him up and here is the pic I got from IMDb. He is by the way, 31 y.o. now since he was born in 1978.

Source: IMDb Profile

Again, I am not a fan. But I do find it sad.

Author: elleica

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