take a peek at the hum of my mind

I am always rattled when people I personally know – people like my long-time friends, people I respect because they are higher in stature than me or because they are my clients – tell me that they enjoy my blog immensely. I sometimes find it hard to believe that they are indeed reading my entries.

My blog is a whiplash of everything and anything under the sun. It contains my rants and raves about my life – love life, work life, family life, social life, school life – and my opinions and observations on current issues both political and social in nature. It is a combination of serious articles that I can be confident to submit in any periodical and personal diary entries that are best left written in a private journal. My blog is again anything and everything under the sun.

And so it is with much chagrin that I find people whom I respect reading my blog. Who knows when they would find my personal entries? Sometimes I am led to believe that I should create separate blogs -a blog for my personal entries and a blog for my more serious opinions. After all, how would people take my opinions on politics seriously if they appear side by side with an entry about love longings.

But then again a woman’s brain is wired into all sorts of connections that communicate with each other. And in deference to the title of my blog, Cerebral Insights, when one takes a look inside my mind, they will find wires upon wires connected with each other. Political opinions wired to personal love issues, stands on critical issues wired to work angst. They are all connected and wired in some weird sort of way.

And then I rationalize that this is me. What anyone reads here is simply who I am. This blog, after all, is a first and foremost personal blog. It is a virtual and literal mirror of the depths of my soul. And I am not afraid to admit who I am in my entirety – the good and the bad. Some people say that employers may turn down prospective applicants when they read their personal blogs and get to see who they are really hiring. But then I am not really afraid to show them who I am. I can readily admit to my weaknesses just as I can play up my strengths.

So before I digress, I guess I should be proud that people are reading what I write. I did write somewhere once that Writers love to have readers and that is true in my case. I love to have readers and I would mostly love to be able to interact with them. Before the year ends and as my last post in this blog, I would make an article about the stats the blog has received. It is not that impressive in a grand scale but for me it is impressive given my humble beginnings and my original intentions for having this blog.

In the future, perhaps I would move all my political opinions and articles to a more appropriate blog. Perhaps in the future Cerebral Insights would branch out to many other blogs. Already it did, or I tried to, but the task is too overwhelming for me at this point. So for now, Cerebral Insights will continue to live up to its purpose, and that is to mirror the hum of my mind.

So go ahead, take a peek at the hum of my mind, and if you want, give a piece of your mind as well.


New domain updates: By January, I hope to launch my own domain: cerebralinsights.com. It is already up and hosted but I am still revamping it so navigation will be much easier. The design is still bland as most free available themes lack a one feature or another that I like.

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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