installing updates 1 of 3

Well this is an update post, hence the title. I really had quite a number of blog ideas that I haven’t penned yet. Mainly because I lack the time (who doesn’t) and because I have already imported my blog to my new domain and adding new posts or receiving new comments means doing another import. Then again, after several articles I decided to make another post – a breather for me as always.


For the blog ideas, lest I forget them. I want to write about how colorful Philippine politics is – with the vast array of candidates we have. Maybe I will wait for the official declaration of candidates before writing an article on that. Also I want to write a post about my experiences on watching movies aboard buses – I have had quite a few. I also want to share (and this has been an idea since time immemorial) on how I seem to have taken a step backward by moving back home after college graduation. I really need to get this article done because in a few weeks time, I will be moving out again. Then I also want to write about a new culture I have been exposed to through my readings – the Amish culture. Other ideas are the all-encompassing effect of Facebook, the draws of Farmvilles (why doctors and company managers even play the game with much gusto), the “cam-whoreness” of some and my exhilarating thesis finish. Too many ideas, too little time. And yet I am now a writer – a home-based one at that.


Wine Expert. Wine lover. Wine bars. Three consecutive articles I’ve written are all about wines and wine bars. I feel like I could recommend either a Pinot Noir or a Chardonnay for your meal anytime. Or perhaps you would like a charcuterie. Truth be told, I do not know anything about wines except that reds go well with red meat and whites go well with white meat. And that they are mostly made from grapes. But being a writer has exposed me a lot to the world of wine that I feel like going out there and putting my wine knowledge to the test. One day, I hope to have enough money to taste, even collect, every great wine out there. Flights, anyone?

Charcuterie – preserved meat products served as nibblers // it is actually a branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products

Flights – three or more small pours of wine designed to let you contrast and compare different wine varieties // a great way to explore wines


Cover. Acoustic Cover. Violin Cover. Book Cover.

Hehe. The last item is a joke. Today, to ward off the silence created by being alone inside the house, I stumbled upon acoustic covers of different songs by someone in YouTube named rdunquest. I must say he plays the guitar really well. Not to mention, he looks kind of hot even if he shows his face partially. But then, what is a cover, acoustic or violin? I really don’t know but hearing his videos, I think they are short introductions to the song. Which makes it kind of bitin listening to his fantastic rendition. Take this video for example:


Updates finished installing. Please restart computer for settings to take effect.

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Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

2 thoughts on “installing updates 1 of 3”

  1. Thanks for your comments in my blog. You and I seem to care to write about some of the same things. Its that lack of it (writing with a conscience) online that lead me to write:

    In response to some other things you have written about I refer you to :

    the all-encompassing effect of Facebook, the draws of Farmvilles


    Erap has been allowed to run for re-election

    When you are online with not much to do I recommend going to my multiply home page and click whatever tag you might find interesting. Somethings will have no relevance to you but some probably will.

    Thanks for writing


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