can’t remain silent for long

I know I have been silent recently. By that, I haven’t posted anything. The reason partly is because I am busy – busy writing for clients and attending social events (yup, I have managed to have some form of social life now). But the major reason is because I have already moved the contents of these blog to my new domain and I do not want to make another import. I have even resisted accepting new comments which were held in moderation.

But I cannot remain silent for long. I plan to launch my new domain in January so that’s really a long time not to post anything. Not to mention that there have been a lot happening in the country (Martial Law has been declared – not in the entire Philippines, only in Maguindanao) and in my life (the year is ending and it is time for reflections again of the year gone by).

So I have decided that while my new domain is still held in queue (because I am having immense trouble trying to customize it even if just to have the simple theme I now have), I will continue blogging here – in my beloved blog up until I have the new site up and running.

There would be some major changes. For one, I have planned that there should be a static page welcoming visitors to the site. Visitors who decide to access the blog through the main site would not readily access the daily posts but rather would see a static page guiding them through the site. You see, I have discovered that some clients find me through my blogs. On one hand, it gets pretty embarrassing that they read up front about my woes on love or my rants on work. One client did tell me it was a good thing because it gave me personality as a writer but still I think there would be a more classy approach to it.

So I thought why not create a static page – a general welcome and direction page for everyone – and then several other pages. Of course there is the homepage that would contain the daily posts and then there would also be a portfolio page where clients can see pertinent information about me and some samples of my work. Of course the site remains a personal blog site but then it would also be customized to cater to serious clients.

I have such high hopes for my site – finally. But then I find it so taxing to search for the right theme with the right options. Not to mention that I have such a small knowledge (practically zero) on CSS. My old school HTML knowledge has long been obsolete I guess.

So for now, I will continue updating everything here. Maybe even create the pages here so that eventually I will simply do another import of everything when the template is finally ready.


I am about to take another leap. A leap back to where I once were, a year ago. The geotags of my post will finally change. In fairness, I am immensely excited. I feel like I am about to have my entire life back. So long bumship and hello world! 😀

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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