pride turned to shame

Even as the Maguindanao massacre sheds a negative light to the Philippines, there are still people who give the country a ray of hope to hang on to.


The recent victory of Efren Peñaflorida as CNN Hero of the Year is a testimony to the world that the Filipinos are not all barbaric and merciless. That in this corrupt country there still exists people with a selfless heart and a sense of goodwill to others.


The constant victories of Manny Pacquiao also stands as a testament to the world that the Filipinos are good in their chosen field of expertise. And that there are Pinoys who achieve victory in the goals they set their minds to.


Yet I lament that these recent victories have to be overshadowed by the onslaught in Maguindanao. That right now, the world views the country as a very dangerous place to be in despite of the victories others have worked hard for to bring glory to the country. (Glory may not have been their first goal as in the case of Efren but still, he managed to achieve it.)


If before we were basking in pride that we were Filipinos, proud of the achievements our fellowmen brought in, now we cannot even hold our head high, as we cringe in shame at the inhumanity of some of our brothers.


I am extremely saddened that some Filipinos can have it in their hearts to soil the name of our country. No country really is perfect just as none in this world is perfect. But I still wish, and pray, and dream that there will come a time when Filipinos everywhere will be of one heart and soul – to bring glory to the nation and to the God Almighty.


And by that time, all these senseless killings would have ceased.




I have read in comments and Facebook posts that some people are losing hope and thinks that another bloodshed would be better in resolving the conflict or bringing forth justice. But bloody vengeance has never been the solution to any bloodshed. As I replied countlessly, another bloodshed will not resolve a previous one. Cliché as it may be, or seemingly hopeless, the resolution of an injustice must be achieved by methods promoting justice – the accepted lawful way.

Author: elleica

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8 thoughts on “pride turned to shame”

  1. In my post I vented my ire not only to the perpetrators but also to the GMA Admin because of its failure to stop and its inability to maintain peace and order.

    May invite you to visit my site. Thanks and best wishes…


    1. sure. i’ll pass by your site. thanks for stopping by as well.

      in my earlier post, i made the speculation on how GMA can have some sort of part in all this. the ampatuans being allies and all, and the results she got from the previous election in that area…etc…

      but then, i guess more than speculations and pointing fingers, we should really focus on swift justice for the known perpetrators.. i just hope that all those responsible for this would be severely punished. although what the law mandates as punishment may not be enough.


  2. I felt the same way as you…I’m sorry to hear this…
    This was like the terrorism incident in our land…
    I felt so shame, for myself, for her, for everyone in the world…how could this damn thing happen..
    Not only this tragedy..she encountered many natural disasters for this few years…
    I’m so sad about this situation..
    High criminalities, poorness, corruptions… When will this stop? And she overcomes the happiness in all of her lovely folk’s faces…


  3. For us who are working in abroad…hearing this news made our heart sinked especially we were just proud from the recent victories of manny and efren then suddenly another nationality will asked you about this hideous masacre..what I felt that moment was like..we are barbaric and merciless people. How can you defend with this criticism?


    1. indeed. it is a time of great mourning in our country. and it is a time of great shame for us. i myself am at a loss for how we can defend ourselves to other countries. maybe if we constantly refer to people like manny, efren and other exemplary pinoys out there who are exemplary in their own small ways, we can still show the world that our nation is composed not only of heartless barbarians.


    1. grabe talaga. I myself cannot believe what has happened. Parang hindi sa Pilipinas. And I haven’t even watched the news report – just read them. What more if may TV kami and I can watch the live reports.


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