The Vast World of Article Writing and Rewriting


Since I am fairly new to this business, I know I haven’t explored or seen the most of it. Since I am an independent person foraging into this freelance writing world, I know I have so much to learn and only myself to depend upon.


One of the early things I learned was that there are certain styles necessary to make an article readable. Most of my clients are those asking me to write contents for their websites. The websites are mostly business ones that needs to come up first in search engines. For this to happen articles must be keyword rich or their language SEO ready. SEO stands for search engine optimized. Also, articles must be easy to read. That means, it must contain simple words and simple sentences. I admit I had to bend my writing style a bit just to comply with these guidelines.


Another thing I recently discovered was that most of the time they ask or they warn me not to use any software or machine to spin or make the articles. I thought to myself, who would do that? Apparently, there are softwares out there, generally called spinners, who automatically rewrites an article for you. The thought was that you create or write an article then submit it to article directories. For you to earn more, there must be a great number of views to your articles. And for that to happen, it must be at the top of search engine results. Also, it would be best if you can submit the article to hundreds of article directories.


Now of course, I don’t know half of what all of those means. What are article directories exactly? I think they are sites where you submit an article and they pay you a dollar per like a thousand views or something. Yes you put your own by-line but then the pay is really low for my tastes. Besides, you need to make sure your article generates like a thousand views or something for that to work. Again, these are all hypothetical in a sense. I am not that well-versed on the entire matter.


Still, after taking a glimpse at the vast world of freelancing, and realizing that I am not even a fraction of a hundredth close to it, I must say it all overwhelmed me. I cannot even begin to describe the enormous possibilities in this blog. For me to be really familiar or engrossed with all of this – you know write articles and spin it like a hundred times to be submitted to like a hundred article directories so that I can earn – would make me an anti-social person for all eternity. I will be as pale as any bloodsucker and as clumsy as their beloved pet.


So when all is said and done, I am still a writer at heart but not a hung-up writer to go that far. I like to write but not push myself too much so I can earn from my writing. For now I will continue writing for the clients I have – which are dwindling in numbers because I refuse to simply accept new ones; write some original articles for those article directories of which I am already a member of and then look for some employment out there that would enable me to meet new people and have a teeming social life – one that is real and not virtual.


Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

3 thoughts on “The Vast World of Article Writing and Rewriting”


    haha do you know what this mean..?
    In Indonesia Blog, there is a habit…first i though “akh..this is useless” but when i tried..”wow, this sounds interesting…”
    The habit is when someone post a new article, others will try to give the first comment, but the comment just contains one word “PERTAMAX”
    Especially if we comment pertamax in top blog, this is such a proud for us… We will compete to give first comment with another people…haha we have to type faster…
    PERTAMAX is pertama and x(kali)…which means “the first” in english…
    haha this sounds useless but this is funny…
    Anyway I agree with you…that’s so lame…we are paid until the article gets thousand views…
    Hey, sorry if my comment is too long.hahaha


    1. no.. that’s great.. i love reading comments.. PERTAMAX.. hmm.. that’s certainly more interesting than I”M FIRST or some variation.. usually with Philippine blogs that’s what happens..


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