New Moon: A Better Review?

I made a blog review about the New Moon movie but I had to take it down for some hours because I seriously doubted whether it was well written or not. I guess I have been influenced by all the other reviews that I’ve read. But after much thought and consideration, I decided to put it back up again. Heck. This is my blog after all and it is the only freedom space I have. Why then should I be limited or prohibited in expressing what I want to express? Also, it took me such a long time assembling the blog article!

Then again, the real reason is because I have had mixed feelings about New Moon. The book  – I can only say one thing about it – was horrible. I hate the long moping scenes of Bella. Come to think of it, there were nicer points in the book like how Jacob’s character was developed and how the wolves came in but all that stuck me in New Moon was the stupid break up and the long moping months. Those agonizing narration. When I think of the action in the book, I associate it with Eclipse.


But the movie was something else entirely. First, I really think that only those who read the book could really appreciate the movie. I agree with a review that New Moon was made for Twilight fans and not the regular movie goer. It was made with the fans in mind – an effort to bring to life how someone imagined the book to be. As such, there were no explanations or attempts to develop characters that much – they were merely depicted for who they are. Take for example Harry Clearwater. He was just there in the movie – no explanations necessary. Yet fans would know what he represents and who he really is. Get my drift?

Volturi (From L-R: Aro, Cauis and Alec)
Volture (From L-R: Aro, Cauis and Alec)

I was actually excited to meet the new characters – the wolf pack and the Volturi. That was the  main reason why I trudged to the cinema on premiere night despite heavy rains. I was a bit disappointed though that they didn’t get much airtime as I hoped. I barely had a glimpse of Heidi and Alec’s power wasn’t even demonstrated.

Wolf Pack (L-R: Paul, Sam, Jared, Embry)
Wolf Pack (From L-R: Paul, Sam, Jared and Embry)

When the movie started, I must admit I was criticizing it blatantly. My sister must have hated how I constantly whispered my criticisms in her ear. I found Kristen’s facial expression while running through the square unpretty and I think Rob was pushing his acting too much. Back in Twilight, I loved their moments together but in New Moon, I find it sickening. I was also forever critical of Kristen’s acting.


But then I loved Jacob in New Moon. I liked his new look and how his character came alive. I liked the smooth flow of Taylor’s portrayal. The supporting casts like Charlie, Jessica and Mike were also great. Alice was fantastic.


When I think back on the film, I liked how they portrayed the agonizing months after the silly break up. It was done with such taste and art that produced the exact opposite effect created by the book. In the movie, the agonizing months were one of my fave scenes.

I read somewhere that the wolf transformation was not well-developed. That it was too rapid as if there was just magic – poof! He’s a wolf. But I disagree. Based on how I imagined it from the book, the transformation is really fast and quick. Instantaneous. They even worry that they don’t have time to save their clothes because it gets ripped apart. So for me, the CGI for the wolves were satisfactory.


Considering Edward’s transformation from Twilight to New Moon, I think his pathetic acting could be justified. I mean, Edward was really pathetic in Twilight. But I hope he does better in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn because in those two books, Edward was wonderful. Yet I wished Rob could have worked out for New Moon. Not to the same extent like that of Taylor but close. His body, I’m afraid, is hideous when he bared it out in the movie. It was not what I imagined Edward’s body to be.

I also wished they could improve the looks of the Volturi. Bella constantly describes the vampires as beautiful, even if they do have red eyes. Of the vampires in the movie, only Alice and Victoria are beautiful. The rest are not. I hope Eclipse and Breaking Dawn would see some improvement especially with how Jane is portrayed. Or her eyes that is.


The turning point in the movie for me, that is, where I remembered why I loved the Twilight saga so much, was when Jacob told Bella of his feelings after they watched a movie. Before that part, I was seriously doubting how I ever liked Twilight. But it was during Jacob’s confession that I remembered the wonderful parts of the entire saga. There was a rush of memories for me that were too much for words to contain. And so, despite my criticisms of the movie and the book, I remain, a Twilight fan.

something i made after watching Twilight

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2 thoughts on “New Moon: A Better Review?”

  1. Yey Happy New year!! ~Nice twilight new moon reviews!~ I love twilight too come visit me as well ^.^ ~ alltough like many i like the books better… sigh*
    hmmzz… the wolf part looked so fake!!! it felt like transformers.. -.-“~*

    mandy l.


    1. happy new year! thanks for your comments 😀

      i like the books too.. they’re way better

      i like how the wolves transform.. it was exactly how i imagined it to be — instantaneous transformation


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