why define everything with a name?

I should be rushing my deadlines, again. Yet somehow I have this cocky confidence that I can finish all of them – in due time. So I took liberty reading a friend’s blog entry and found a treasure chest of nice insights.

She stated:

Why is it so important to actually define what we have? Do I need to qualify what I feel for him? Is there a need to put a name to every relationship, to describe what you feel for someone?

I guess not. Sometimes, relationships and feelings need not be named, nor described. Sometimes its special essence is lost when you attach a name to it. A name gives it a sense of rigidity, of limitations.

Source: Facebook Note

Indeed how true. Why should we seek to name or define every tiny bit of relationship that we have. Why should we attach some semblance of sanity to every insane situation we seem to get into?

Next week I will meet them at last, my guinea pigs. I thought I lost one of them, apparently, last night, I found out no. He would always be there. I have always sought to define this uncanny relationship I have with these two guys – more like my older brothers but not quite. I know what we have is unconventional, something I sometimes do not wish to really discuss with anyone else lest misunderstandings set in. Yet it is special and wonderful. Much as I rationalize to myself that I can bear to lose them, I know I can’t.

One said I was his semblance of sanity at his work. Let me return the compliment. They are my semblance of reality in this otherwise surreal world. And this Tuesday, it will all the more be real.

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

5 thoughts on “why define everything with a name?”

  1. ‘ how true.. there are times in our attempt to define what we have, we somehow lose its truest meaning. when we jump or pushed off a cliff, it’s matters not to know how we did, it’s best to just enjoy the fall.. =)


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