Comedy of Errors

Once again, I made a great folly in the avenue called love. These follies never seem to leave me and even if I should have been smart enough to know them by now, still I am not the more wiser. These follies have happened in real time and cyber time. My past “beaus” may attest to that. I can still recall one guy who had refused to help me carry my books even though he was clearly walking me to my dorm. According to him, if he helped me carry my books, I may mistake his intentions that he again liked me. And then of course there are just the plain indecent ones, who would lead you on in no certain terms then dump you cold when you ask them to be more direct – after you have fallen of course.

Just why is it in the nature of men to be so charming even to girls they “don’t like” and for girls to be so gullible to such charms even if they know that sometimes such charms are empty? Or is it that boys normally like to ooze out their charms in no certain terms to girls and see how receptive the girls are to it and if they like the reception they go further and if not then they move on, regardless of what effect they already had on the girl? Is it really true that there are guys who by nature are naturally sweet to ALL girls? Enlighten me please.

Or maybe I am the only one in the planet suffering from such gullibility over such age-old customs that girls should have wizened up to. I am not heartbroken, if that is what you think. The mind loves and it cannot be broken. The heart is just a glorified blood organ. But I am mystified. Mystified over the whole scenario of things.

Since I wasn’t able to tell him point blank what I wanted to say, and since I treat my blog as a rant and rave of anything, then let me post here what I wanted to say to him. Apologies again for the readers expecting more intellectual and informative articles. For now, the blog serves my own selfish purposes.

I guess I have to be direct to the point so you will understand. Guys can become so dense sometimes. Your words made me think something else was brewing on between us. Although of course I was not stupid enough to consider any chances of a relationship between us. And I know you realized that. I know you know I would never accept anything from anyone I have never actually met. Then again, half of everything must have been my fault. You must have read something else from my words and my manner of dealing with you. Well I own up to that. But I wish in the future, even if it is indeed in your manner, that you do not tell girls you love them then follow it with “mwah”’s without end. Don’t flatter them that they are the only ones who have appreciated you that much, yadda yadda yadda. I know I was at fault for reading more into what was said. Blame it on my over reactive heart (alas! A reference to the glorified blood organ). Oh well. Let’s just say I was thrilled, even started considering what may be between us, only to find out you found someone else. 😦


Thinking about it, funny I still have these issues when I rarely go out nowadays. Ah. Life is intricate indeed and well worth living. A toast to life and love!


Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

13 thoughts on “Comedy of Errors”

    1. hmm.. i guess that is part of the challenge of being a student.. i myself have been there and now that i am working i do miss the days.. my older friends were right.. once you’re in the workfield, you’ll eventually miss school.

      yep. i’m a freelance writer who just recently graduated.


  1. Well, I’m not as active as you are and my posts are (always) selfish and inclined to fit my interests and feel. But anyway, do go ahead and suit yourself across the webs of my frail mind. 😛

    As for the love bug, it is yet, the most popular topic of all time I think. And many people take interest(like me – especially to help myself cope up from a recent heartbreak). So I will be back here. 😀


    1. hehe. 😀 well thanks. i’ll add you too to my blogroll. i went to your site already but i haven’t had the chance to comment. sa susunod i will. 😀

      love bug >> that i believe is the 2nd category with the most number of posts in my blog.. hehe 😀


    1. hehe. yep i do have a lot of selfish posts around here. this is after all a multi-faceted blog. revealing the various wirings of my mind – be it selfish like this or selfless like my recent posts
      thanks for dropping by
      balik ka hehe 😀


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