why is it so hard?

I thought being a freelance writer will be an easy thing. I though being my own boss will be easy. I thought I’ll have more time to do the things I want. I thought wrong.

Writing, as with any other jobs in the world, also require a sort of discipline to make it work for you. Discipline which I completely lack. When I think about it, it’s a good thing I did not do this job together with my regular employment jobs else I would have sacrificed excellence in one or the other.

How I long to read a book or curl up and think of nothing in particular but I have so many things to write! Or make that re-write as well. It’s really cool in retrospect. I get to do what I want – which is write. Write all day long. But the deadlines, they are the real killers.

My biggest detractor is distraction itself. Although it is true that I can create articles, rewrites and originals, in a really quick time especially if all the resources are given (which is the usual case) still I take such a long time to even finish one or that is finish a batch. Why? There’s the internet, enough said.

Then again, I should not be distracted lest I have little time to meet my deadlines which is what is happening now. I am behind, as always.

And of course no one wants a repeat of yesterday’s events. That was horrendous. All day long I thought lack of sleep was the cause why my head was spinning constantly. But I rationalized that I have slept at least 6 hours though it was from 4:30AM to 10AM. As it turned out, yesterday, my blood pressure was down to 85/60! No wonder I was so dizzy. Yet I managed to write 7 more articles, submit them, then sleep at 12MN. To wake up refreshed at 10AM and with a BP of 100/70.

I should seriously alter my habits.

That’s it, enough for now. I have more articles to write.


Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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