so close…

So close.. and still so far.

Browsing through the countless audios in our PC, I came across Jon McLaughlin’s song So Close from the Enchanted OST. This song has been somehow my banner song during my thesis and graduation days – SO CLOSE AND STILL SO FAR. I felt like graduation was just at the tip of my fingers yet it remains unattainable. It still does to this day.

Yet now, after listening to the song again, I came to see in it the meaning for which it was originally intended – a romantic song as depicted by the situation of Robert and Giselle.

Why? Hmm.. 😀

Here are two videos I managed to scrounge up from the ever reliable YouTube.

This is the scene from the movie. I really liked the waltz scene here.

This is an interpreted version of someone. I like her interpretation.

Enjoy! 😀


Author: elleica

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