Reminiscing with PNE

PNE. Parokya ni Edgar.


I’ve known their songs since elementary. I’ve known the band since high school. Although I was never really an avid fan, their songs, once heard, carries with it a certain charm that stirs up cherished memories in my mind.

I have long since known that a great antidote to pangs of loneliness and aggravation is a healthy dose of PNE songs mostly from their second album Buruguduystunstugudunstuy. From the introduction to the last song, the melodies and lyrics combined have never failed to bring forth the cheerfulness within as elicited by the cherished memories of the past.


PNE songs like Harana, Don’t Touch My Birdie and Okatokat were already familiar to me when I was in my last years in elementary. But I didn’t know the band yet that produced such great though controversial songs. When I entered high school, I was introduced to this boy who knew not only the songs, but the band who made them and even how to recreate them (he can play the songs in a guitar). We had some sort of history mostly punctuated by the songs. And everytime I hear that particular PNE album I am reminded of this boy and the fun times we’ve shared. More than that I also remember the fun events of high school. After all they say high school is the best years of our lives even though I spent mine in one of the most demanding and toxic high schools in the country.

PNE was my life boat in those times. In my mind their songs were what identified me with other kids my age who were enjoying a more relaxing high school in other schools. Not only that PNE to me was what identified me as a Filipino. I felt proud following a Pinoy band who can really stand up to the other popular foreign bands because of the quality of their music. Although I was too young to fully grasp the double intendre of their songs, if such existed really, I was old enough to appreciate their lyrics for what they are and the music as well.


More than what PNE was to me personally, they were also something great for the country. Though it is true that APO Hiking Society was the pioneer in the OPM industry and Eraserheads was the pioneer in Pinoy Band History, PNE is the most successful one in both categories combined. They are the longest living band in Pinoy Music History creating records that sells thousands whenever released. Their songs are the likes that are fun to hear and with lyrics unafraid to say exactly what they want. Most of their songs also carry out lessons in the simplest terms understandable to a lot of people. Take for example their song Tsokolate from the album Bigotilyo which is a fun look at what trust is. Although the song is fun and light, it carries with it a serious message about one of the most important values in life.

PNE. Parokya ni Edgar. The only Pinoy band I’ve ever really admired and followed for years. Although not the most avid fan, I am a fan none the less and their music is something I cherished especially now that I am older and experiences what their songs can do.


I have had the fortunate chance of meeting the band, even having my picture taken with Chito, during the UP Fair 2007. Unfortunately the camera was a friend’s who didn’t upload the picture in her Friendster account so I can grab it as she’d promised. Boo.

I have edited this post to reflect PNE instead of PNK. Before I wrote PNK and inspite of the number of comments, no one told me I had the wrong acronym!

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12 thoughts on “Reminiscing with PNE”

  1. yah! hehe spread the word… i received the comment.. actually my reply na ako don… my facebk dn ako pero not very intresting ung profile ko don.. 😀 add mo ko.. 😀


    1. sige sige.. add kita.. view narin lang kita sa friendster pero di ko kasi un ginagamit..

      nareceive mo pala un comment? naku baka nagpaulit ulit un comment ko kasi paulit ulit ako nagtry.. hehe


    1. ah yeah! ikaw un may nakakatuwang lyrics about job hunting.. mag cocomment ako dun sa video pero for some reason laging hindi pumapasok un comment.. i was gonna ask if you have a job na because i can give some suggestions.. hehe..

      sige check out ko friendster mo pero wala ka facebook? un na kasi gamit ko ngayon eh..


  2. Wow! you never ran out of words!… Isulat mo lagi yan ha.. baka maipon sa utak mo, magkasakit ka.. 🙂

    PNK is a pretty good band but 3raserheads is the best band in the Philippines ever… Kanye West. 😀


  3. PNK fan here too. Some years ago they had a concert in Cebu. Tamang-tama, andun kami pero it was business. But a friend and I nevertheless went out to see the concert. Grabe. We had the the greatest time. Meron pa kaming photo, talagang abot tenga ngiti namin. Those were the days…


    1. yep. astig talaga ang parokya! it’s great to know that they haven’t disbanded even after all this years and even if that is the fad amongst bands now a days – disbanding to create their own group.

      sana maka-attend ulit ako ng concert nila. at ma preserve ko na picture ko 😀


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