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The mind is practical, the heart is not. The heart is carried by fleeting emotions, the mind is not. The heart may lead to things only to be regretted due to lack of proper research and methodical thinking but such is not always the case for there are times when gut feel is so right and the mind is baffled to explain why. But more often than not, the mind is better than the heart. Especially when it comes to love. As such love is something that should be accomplished by the mind and not by the heart. Then again who am I to be an expert on the subject when I haven’t loved – yet.


I miss talking to him immensely but only sometimes. I know that my personality when it comes to friendships is keep them but let go. I have always known myself to be a nomad and so I have the privilege of having friends from all sorts of places; a variety of social networks not always interrelated but none the less composed of numerous people, friends I know I’ll have forever though communication remains quite sparse. Yet I must say I do envy people who’ve had a constant friend throughout the ages no matter where life’s path takes them. But I do not dwell on this sad fact for I am content of quickly forging friends in the environment I’m in then when the time comes to leave then the person remains my friend even if communication is not as free as before.

And I told him such. And I haven’t talked to him in a great number of days. Today we spoke and I found out I had so many stories to share as well as questions to ask. In short I missed talking to him, I missed the candid conversations we had in our work, I missed making work less tiring for him as I know I do. I miss having him near me – a ready and willing ear to listen; to break the humdrum of routine work. Now the only routine work that needs to be broken up is his for I have left already. Furthermore, I miss him because in this stage of life I’m in right now I get to talk to so few people apart from my immediate family. I miss having a daily conversation about anything at all with someone who is not your immediate family; with a real live person and not a blog; with someone who could answer instantaneously and not days after as what email provides. I need someone I can readily and easily not to mention constantly talk to who is not family. And for the longest time it was him. Now he is gone because I am. And I miss him. Terribly.


Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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