happy with freelancing


I have heard of this before and I have been fascinated by the industry but I have always been hesitant to try it out. My hesitation stemmed from the fact that there is not much assurance of stability in the work I will enter. What if there are no jobs to be done or what if I am not able to sell my skills properly? And so even if I knew the advantages of freelancing, I never had the guts to try it out.

Until now.

I left my medical transcriptionist job, not because I hate the job per se, on the contrary I love it, but because I can’t take the company policies. Besides, my mom made a very valid point that I would fare better if I stay at home first, rest quite a bit (no one is forcing me to work, after all) and finish my ever-delayed thesis (and as such my hopelessly delayed graduation). Besides the pay for freelancing, whether it really would be stable or not, is way better than what I am currently earning.

So I made the switch. I must have had 3 job experiences already within the year! So much experience for someone barely out of college (technically).

But I am not complaining. By the “explorations” I’ve made I formed a pretty much clear picture (or goal) in my head on how to get rich without engaging in business (which I am not so keen to enter just now) or doing illegal stuff (which I will NEVER do).

For one, I found out that MT’s, really good ones, earn at least $9 an hour and some are even paid per line such that they earn really ludicrous amounts. Since I saw during my 4 weeks training that I have the skills to become a good (even excellent) MT (and I’m not bragging), I know that I could earn as much as several thousands a day doing home-based transcription work. But of course that’s a long way off because I would need proper training and perhaps a license to boost my credentials. Then perhaps I could pursue that application I have with RareJobs for online Japanese English Tutorials. Then I could continue my current freelancing writing jobs and maybe look for more.

In the end, I realize that employment opportunities for me are never endless. I just need to be brave enough to seek out the right ones and leave the wrong ones. And of course, there is no higher paying job than the job I once had with NuSkin. Perhaps in the future I will go back but for now I am content to remain where I am.


Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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