utopia in the corporate world

Thirty more minutes to go until work is officially over for the day. As always, I find ways to blog while at work. Yipee! I still cannot comprehend entirely how I became a blogger by nature – by passion – when years ago I detest personal bloggers and their apparent livid disclosure of themselves. Now, I am on the forefront of personal blogging – shamelessly mixing personal experiences with social concerns and as such expressing my views.

If days ago I had been ranting about how regretful I was of transferring companies way too soon, after hours of listening to medical dictations and learning about urinary diversion, cholecystostomy, erectile dysfunction, deep epigastric veins and corpora cavernosa, among others, I am enjoying the job more and more. Indeed, I am here for the learning, not for the monetary compensation.

Then again, if I was not an activist or a rebel back in college, despite the nature of my surroundings, I find that I am becoming one at work. I seem to be on the brink of not only inciting the company HR or administration, but also my co-workers, to care more about our rights and working conditions. Take for example my utter stupidity at signing a contract stating a bond of 2 years but withholding information about the exact monetary compensation. I believe, albeit too late, that when we sign contracts, the interests of both parties must be clearly stated. Unfortunately, it seems the contract I had signed stated only one party’s intentions clearly and blinded by desperation for a new job, I signed all too eagerly. What happens afterwards, I can only shudder in fright and pray that no anomalies arise.

Then again the corporate environment is really one heck of a maze that still presents a lot of labyrinths left to be explored. I have still a lot to learn about how this world works and how I can use things to my advantage. Also, I discover that indeed I am too idealistic when it comes to what I want to do or what I want to happen in life. A friend asked me what kind of job I wanted and I replied “a job that would give me fulfillment, constant learning and high compensation”.

Now I know I am wishing for the clouds.

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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