Missed and Not Missed


10 Things I won’t miss in the BPO Industry

  1. I won’t miss the controlled atmosphere. I won’t miss the fact that we need to call CCOD to ask for breaks or that after a break, we must go on auto-in at once lest we go on OB. I won’t miss the 10-minute total CR break for the entire shift.
  2. I won’t miss the AHT, CSAT and QA advisories and audits.
  3. I won’t miss the “Blocked by Websense” and the constant screen flashes indicating that the GTI is monitoring our computers.
  4. I won’t miss the robotic opening spiel and the other spiels that although are unique to each agent, already sounds robotic due to constant over-use.
  5. I won’t miss the unchallenging issues that keeps on repeating themselves day in day out.
  6. I won’t miss the VR Sales!
  7. I won’t miss the irate customers who, eventhough, is understandably frustrated, can’t comprehend that the other person on the line is a person himself and also has feelings and limitations.
  8. I won’t miss the Log Bus and the ultra early pick-up.
  9. I won’t miss the heavy queues or the excessive avail time.
  10. I won’t miss talking almost non-stop about the same topic for almost 8 hours straight.


10 Things I’ll Miss about the BPO Industry

  1. I’ll miss the kind and appreciative customers and their ear-flapping praises.
  2. I’ll miss the bloopers incurred by the non-technical customers.
  3. I’ll miss the daily IS chats with my guinea pigs.
  4. I’ll miss the pizza nights and other apparently absurd theme nights.
  5. I’ll miss Outlook, the email blasts and spams and my uber professional looking signature.
  6. I’ll miss the pantry and the cheese cupcake and Big 250 Apple.
  7. I’ll miss the team buildings and inuman days.
  8. I’ll miss the stolen chats with a particular CCOD.
  9. I’ll miss the fast rides with Kuya Adam.
  10. I’ll miss the rec area and the Fuzzball and internet room.


Comparatively, the things I’ll miss are things I could work around with so as to have them back or things I could do without. The really important things – like work satisfaction and fulfillment are the ones provided by the new job that I haven’t been able to achieve with my previous job.

When I am asked why I left the BPO to become an MT (medical transcriptionist), I give the standard answer below, which I realized later on, is really true.

MT is the closest thing I could get to a medical career. I took up BS Bio with the intention of becoming a doctor but I realized that I could not cure patients and make them feel better for I lack the sympathy and care to do so. However, I am fascinated with the study of medicine. Yet for me to pursue medicine purely for education’s sake is a luxury I cannot afford. MT will give me the education I want while also filling my pocket.

Author: elleica

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