Is Sex Still Taboo in the Philippines?


This, by far, may be the only post in this blog that would discuss anything remotely related with sex – my observations and opinions of it. Unfortunately, it will not digress to my experiences of the matter as I have little or no experience of it at all. What I do know about sex is that it is something performed by almost everyone yet discussed by almost no one. My brother recently saw his ex-girlfriend, already 4-5 months pregnant, and she was only 17 years old. Apparently, the people engaging in pre-marital sex are getting younger and younger.

Is our country, then becoming as liberated as the Western culture she so idolizes? Has our country already forgotten the virtues of virginity and the sacredness of sex as something to be treasured till the wedding night? Perhaps the bombardment of movies and TV shows, both local and foreign, that showcase some amount of pre-marital sex in their plots encourages the teens and young adults of today to experiment with something purportedly glorious yet inculcated as forbidden till wedded.

A guy friend of mine was shocked when I candidly brought up the topic of sex in an otherwise normal conversation. He was not used to discussing sex with a girl, apparently. Yet I countered that how can sex be a taboo topic in conversations when everyone seems to be doing it already. Why not talk about it openly, reminiscent of something like Sex and the City, and perhaps in doing so gain more understanding and education about the matter. Why continue to downplay it as if it is some hideous act that needs to be screened or censored. My friend was amazed at how liberated I can speak about the topic when my beliefs about it, I must admit, are traditional. My concept of the act is liberated but my perception of when it should be done or performed and with whom is traditional.

I adhere to what my parents have taught me that sex is sacred and should be within the boundaries of marriage. Yet I also believe that people should be informed more about what it is, what happens, how it happens, how it feels, thus justifying why it should be saved for more appropriate circumstances.

I asked my friend about his sexual experience – how does he find and if it is something that you would crave on a daily basis once you’ve tasted it. Was it as glorious as what the movies and racy paperbacks portray? He answered me with an empathic NO. Sex was not as wonderful as what the movies and pocketbooks lead us to believe and it is not something one would crave daily. I can hardly believe his answer. My perception of the act is something mind-blowing; something exciting; something glorious. Perhaps if it was performed in the right time with the right person and in the right boundaries, it would be.

Sex was created by God long before sin entered the world. See Genesis 2. Adam and Eve had sex before they committed the original sin. Therefore, sex is not something dirty as what prude elders sometimes warn youngsters about. Yet before they had sex, God first blessed the union. They didn’t have sex without God first joining their hands in marriage. Of course it wasn’t stated whether theirs was a mind-blowing and wonderful sex but I bet it was. It was something not tainted with guilt or worry – guilt that they are doing something their parents warned them not to do (yet) or worry that they may acquire some disease or unwanted fruit. It was a worry-free, blessed union and I bet they enjoyed every moment of it.

Now that is the kind of sex I want to encounter. I do not deny (and again, those who will read this and will see me or know me personally please don’t react) that I am liberated when it comes to sex. Yes I’ve watched some porn (not a habit though), read magazines and pocketbooks and is versed with positions and other stuff related to sex. I do not think it is really something I should be ashamed of. I am just studying something I would be doing in the future. Heck, I even know the physiological aspects and explanations of what happens during the sexual act – thanks to my Bio education.

And so I look forward to it. But much as I want to experience it right now, I know that I will never do so until I meet the right guy and we have been joined in the eyes of God.


*Note: The opinions stated are mine and mine alone. I do not condemn anyone nor do I preach anything about sex. I do not even wish to impose this to other people knowing that everyone is entitled to live his or her own life.

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

8 thoughts on “Is Sex Still Taboo in the Philippines?”

  1. recently i’ve heard a song from Jaci Velasquez entitled “I Promise” which talks about sexual purity.. YOu are absolutely right, almost everyone is doing this thing but nobody talks about it.. maybe a good education on our youth is the best key in solving this problem. it is better to learn the lesson without paying the price first..


    1. ano un lyrics nun song? baka alam ko din yan. hehe.

      yeah. you’re right. we don’t need to learn the hard way.

      btw, i wonder which blog you came to first.. eto or ung updated one? although both are not updated as of the moment. hehe.


  2. Sex should be looked at with open mind – or the East will simply produce hippo crate personalities. West has gone into the other extreme of making it commercial. I find it hard to seek the line tough.


    1. well i think that we should exercise moderation in everything we do. find the middle line. my approach to sex is that it should be something we talk about, explore by means of discussions but still value its sacredness that it’s not performed “haphazardly” or just with anybody.


  3. i agree. how can we solve the problem of pre-marital sex if we don’t talk about it? and really, why not open up about it (to close friends that is) rather than pretend it doesn’t exist. i think you can still talk about sex tastefully. great entry 🙂


    1. thanks. kasi people i think still thinks that talking about sex is immoral or something.. like they associate it with something dirty or put so much malice into it.. tsk. but how can we grow mature on the issue if we don’t discuss it – that is not with malice but with “intellectualism” — hehe. can’t think of the right word.


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