wake me up

Am I dreaming? It still feels surreal – this new job of mine. I still wake up every morning or go to work daily thinking that I would need to log in on the AVAYA and deliver my opening spiels. Sometimes I wonder if I would wake up in the middle of a call, only to find out that I am not really an MT but a call center agent still. Maybe it’s the distance of the two companies – they are literally neighbors so going to work everyday as an MT feels like going to work as a call center agent. Maybe it’s the swiftness of the transition – one evening I was taking calls, the next I was already training as an MT.

For whatever reasons I may have, I am glad to be in this new job of mine and if it really is a dream, please wake me up so I can turn it into reality. Much as I miss the old environment I was in – apparently it had more comforts when it came to amenities and facilities, I still wouldn’t give up what I have now. Even though the work is definitely more frustrating – it gets challenging when you find that you cannot spell a particular word and you cannot understand what the dictator is saying, I am still immensely contented with it. For I am learning new things everyday and I know I will continue to learn. I know I will not stagnate – not for a really long time.

And as I told my interviewer, being an MT is the closest thing I could get to a medical career. I cannot be a doctor, for I know that I could not cure patients – I lack the sympathy criterion. Yet I am deeply fascinated by the study of medicine – this branch of science that deals with the human body and its processes. However, to study medicine for the sake of education is a luxury I cannot afford as of the moment. And so I must get what I can get and being an MT is one sure way of learning medicine without really paying for it. In fact I am earning while I am learning.

Time to go to another shift.


Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

6 thoughts on “wake me up”

  1. nag resign ka na pala…good luck!!!
    i used to be an MT. one of the graduates (batch 1) of LRay Vilafuerte’s Cam Sur Medical Transcriptionist.


  2. If you can really learn about medicine you can be a General Transcriptionist where you also transcribe Business, Legal, Entertainment, Captioning, Seminars and more. What good in transcription is that you can do it home base.


    1. Exactly. What I’ve come to love about it is eventually, when I get the skills and I’m really good at it, I can work home based which will afford me more time to do other things. Maybe when I’m really good at this I’ll see what I can do about transcribing other stuffs.


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