new beginnings

Finally I’ve done the inevitable. I made the jump. I crossed the bridge. I did it. I resigned from my call center job and moved on to a new job. Fortunately for me, it was a very swift transition. Right after my last shift as an agent last Sunday night, I had my final interview with the new company Monday morning and tonight I’ll begin training. Somehow I still can’t quite believe how fast everything was or is. The transition wasn’t smooth. Because of the speed of everything I am unable to render the 30 days requirement after passing the resignation letter. As such, my supervisor informed me I will be terminated which according to him would be like a black mark in my employment history.

But I don’t care. Talking to other agents who’ve also been terminated from the BPO companies, it doesn’t really matter to the next company whether you resigned or you were terminated. The thing they’ll look at eventually are your skills.

And so I am excited to enter my new world tonight. I will begin training as a medical transcriptionist – MT in short – the closest thing I could get to a medical career. I graduated (or technically graduated) with Β a degree in Biology. The reason why I chose Bio was because I’m fascinated with life and its processes. I do not want to be a doctor – my constant forays to hospitals told me as much. Patients would die in my hands rather than be healed. Yet I am fascinated by the study of medicine – of how diseases affects the body and how procedures are performed to mitigate or cure them. Then again, to study medicine without really pursuing a career as a doctor is a luxury I cannot afford right now.Β 

But with this medical transcriptionist job, I am able to meet the best of both worlds. I get to learn about medical procedures – diagnoses for certain illnesses, drug treatments, even surgical procedures – and at the same time I am paid for it. What’s even better about this job is we have quotas. I know for some people that would spell doom but for me it does not. Because we are paid by the quality and quantity of job we do. If we exceed our quota, we are paid extra. If the quality of our work is superb, we are additionaly compensated. Unlike in my previous job wherein you’re all paid the same rate even if you took more calls than the person sitting right next to you.

Another grand thing with the MT job is if I happen to finish all my work ahead of time, I get to do whatever I want. And since we have unlimited net access which is not blocked by some blocking program like —- , I can write blogs, play in Facebook, even watch YouTube videos right at work and they won’t mind. The freedom is overwhelming. I came from a job wherein every second is timed and controlled. CR break is 10 minutes for the entire shift; breaks are only 30 minutes and a second longer constitutes a reprimand; calls have AHT’s; etc. Now I am in a job wherein so long as you get the work done, they don’t care how you handle your time.Β 

And the promise of a promotion is more tangible than the previous one and if I don’t want to get promoted, I can always opt to be a home-based MT which would entail more freedom.

I haven’t started in this job yet I am already loving it. I can already see how it will benefit me. Yes, it will be more toxic than the previous job in terms of workload. But that is the point exactly! It will involve more brain cells and my mind won’t be in danger of rotting away.

I can’t wait for tonight to begin. πŸ˜€


Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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