gray areas

In life there are things I consider as black and white; right and wrong. There is absolutely no gray area in between. For example, it is wrong to murder and though I watch dozens of gory films where they slaughter each other 90% of the time, I still won’t consider doing the act myself. Another thing (and I don’t mean to judge anyone with this) is I consider pms or pre-marital sex wrong and even though I long to have sex I will never do so unless I am actually married (so I guess I should hurry up and get married – just kidding!). Also I believe lying is wrong and even in the most scrutinizing moments I would rather remain silent than tell a lie against a truth that could implicate or hurt.

Yet there are also some things in life that are gray and never clear; leaving us with the discretion to figure out whether it is right or wrong. This is true for most things like the opportunities we chose to take or the life decisions we chose to make. Just as I believe that God gave man free will and intelligence to determine which of the countless opportunities he presents to him is for his best, then so I believe that one will never know if such gray areas are right or wrong unless one tries them out.

On Monday I plan to submit my resignation letter (finally!) and at the same time submit my resume to the adjoining company. Of course I still do not know if it is a right or wrong decision since basically the other company may very well fall into the BPO category even if it is a non-voice and completely different job description (med transcriptionist). I do not know if I will save myself from the current stagnation I am experiencing by jumping to this company – I probably will for the first 3-6 months while everything is a novelty to me but beyond that I cannot really tell. I do not know if I will do myself a huge favor by actually getting out of this company I am in before I receive my first 13th month pay.

But one thing I do know. My soul will never rest and will never be satisfied if I don’t try the other path. I am at a point in my life wherein I am free to try anything I chose to do; wherein I have no financial obligations to anyone except myself and wherein if I get into a tight financial spot I can still count on my parents to bail me out. Lucky me right? So why should I waste this golden opportunity stagnating myself in a company or in an industry wherein loyalty results to only miniscule salary increases and wherein jumping companies (otherwise known as piracy) is encouraged – for higher salary or rate that is.

So maybe I am making a right decision. Maybe not. But who can tell unless I make the decision, right?


Gray Matter of the Spinal Cord (the "butterfly" in the middle)
Gray Matter of the Spinal Cord (the "butterfly" in the middle)

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

2 thoughts on “gray areas”

  1. I also have very stringent standards for morality although we have some conflicting beliefs. OK lang naman yun for as long as you’ve thought well about what you believe in.

    It’s OK that you resigned from work, it isn’t really an ethical decision. I guess it’s still an important choice coz inspite of how little some people think of it, esp. for people who want it temporarily, you are defined but what you do and experience influences what we may become in the future.

    Good luck na lang, it’s better jumping ship rather than regretting not knowing what could have been in the end.


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