A Post After Such A Long Time

It’s been 6 days since my last post. To an active blogger like me, that seems like eternity since I’ve last shared or said anything. Especially when the world around me has kept spinning and ideas kept popping in my head. New ideas. Old ideas. Ideas that haven’t seen the light of words and cyber space yet. I have been lazy. Sloth is the term for it. I’ve chosen to spend my idle times watching gory films one after the next – from Sweeney Todd to the whole Hannibal Series to Interview with a Vampire and playing all the popular games in Facebook – from Farmville to Farmtown to Barn Buddy, Pet Society, Mafia Wars, and even Friend for Sale. I have been very lazy, in terms of physical and mental activity, not to mention emotional wellness. It seems that I’ve been numbing so many things by burying myself in mindless things. And my blog, which is the portal to my innermost self, which is a kind of catharsis to what is really happening deep within me, had been immensely ignored.

I’ve started writing posts about Noynoy and the current state of politics in the country in the effort to mold my mind on some solid political stand. I’ve tried to write a very honest outburst on the current state of my spiritual self in the effort to exorcise some really stubborn demons in my soul. I’ve hoped to write an analysis on why I’ve become cold so suddenly to my guinea pigs in an effort to better understand how I actually relate to people. I’ve thought of writing an article about my most generous (layers of sarcasm here) grandma in an effort to understand society. I even tried doing reviews of all the gory films I’ve watched – just so I could get my mind running! Yet all to no avail. My pen still remains dry. Ink won’t flow. Words are stuck – mere prisoners of the mind; forever not letting go.

I’ve learned how to sleep in between calls – during those dull moments when there’s no call to answer. I’ve even learned to sleep during breaks and even in the middle of really boring calls where computers are uber sluggish or customers are uber slow typing information. Bottomline: I’ve managed to do something else during the times that I’ve normally spent writing or setting free the words that threaten to burst forth from the portals of my mind.

And now I slumber no more. Now the words can not be held back any longer. The dam is threatening to overflow. I must relinquish the pressure that’s building up lest the words just all cause a hurried tumbledown and leave me dumbstruck. Or else they die in the corners of my mind – left to rot away and clutter space otherwise occupied by new ideas; new words; new inspirations. I must allow the dam to burst forth and the words to flow freely once more.

Alas! The ink has once again started to flow.


Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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