mistakes and chances

Do you correct one mistake by creating another even if the other mistake is a lesser evil?

I know, somewhere within me, that the resignation I have dreamed of a few weeks ago wouldn’t come quite as easily. Somehow I now know that I will not be resigning this early and I will be stuck in this stupidity for a much longer period than I wanted. Yet I wonder if I could somehow mitigate the circumstances by transferring to another company. There is a neighboring BPO company who is, as always, hiring. It’s a small company, judging by their building and facility but maybe I just deem that because there is a much larger and better facilitated company, the one I work for, beside it. The accounts involve medical transcription and teaching English to Korean kids. I must say they sound more appealing than the one I now have.

There should really be nothing preventing me from transferring to the other company. It’s not like I have much of a prospect in the company that I now work for nor does a promotion in this company promise a higher salary (internal promotion does not allow for a higher increase as compared to external promotion). For all I know the reputedly smaller competitor may even give me a higher position and a higher salary as evidenced by my current experience. There is the possibility that it may not be as stable as the company I work for now, but in the dynamic BPO industry, who really cares about stability?

Yet this is not really the job I want. I have no doubts that once the novelty wears off, I will be constrained to boredom once more – subject to dissatisfaction, disillusionment, and depression. Changing BPO companies is not the solution I am looking for. It is not the satisfaction that I am craving for. Yet now, for the meantime, while I am still debating what I should really do or if I even have the guts and ability to do it; while I am still determining who I am or the path I should really take in life, maybe another mistake wouldn’t hurt so much. Maybe another mistake wouldn’t do much harm. Maybe this mistake will actually do me more good pointing me to the direction I would really need to take.

Author: elleica

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3 thoughts on “mistakes and chances”

  1. Thank you for the advices. I took time replying because I had to digest what has been said.

    @tboehm30: your advice is ideal. Yet in the industry I’m in – BPO, it is not the norm nor it is the expected. In fact to gain the experience one needs to really be worthy of higher positions in the industry, tenureship in different accounts over various companies is encouraged. It is after all, one big industry. Why can I say that? Simple. Those who were externally promoted – an agent from one company hired by another company as a Team Lead – gets a higher salary than an someone internally promoted. This is the BPO industry in the Philippines.

    @jeeper: I have the liberty now to try and find what job would satisfy me most. I intend to make full use of that liberty. 😀 And if I am immensely unhappy with my current job – any alternative always sounds better. Good luck on your bid for freedom! I want to pursue additional studies also – take the course that I really want.


  2. One reason why I left my old company is because I got tired of how stagnant my career is, even if I am not exactly that enthusiastic about my current job in a different BPO with a different job description, I felt it has slightly more relevance to my course. So I guess I am here for the meantime while I prep up for the future, which is emancipation and going further with my studies. Bahala na, I think the experience will also do me good.

    In your case, it really is your judgement call. If you feel unhappy with your current job, you should leave; however, if you think that you would still feel the same in the next job, the find something else. Or you can just follow what you feel like doing. Medyo mahirap nga lang yun sa Pilipinas, easier said than done. Good luck.


  3. Your career should be a ladder, always climbing. But you also need many experiences so you will know what to do when you are in charge.

    You should try to stick it out for around 18 months at any given job, so that A) you get the full experience of what it is like to do that job; and B) so that your resume doesn’t look like you are completely dissatisfied with any job you take.

    When you apply for the job after your next one, what will they see? Have you gained the experience that they think you need?

    People need to start at the bottom, so they can work their way up. Sometimes it sucks at the bottom, but how can you prove yourself if you get to start out at the top?

    Good luck.


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