morbid bytes

The people at home always accuse me of being morbid to a fault. I cannot really fathom how I find gory films and scenes rather funny. It’s not like I have some murderous tendency or that I really enjoy these kind of things in a real life. Yet I discovered than I find these scense funny where others find them icky and disturbing. I can even watch them before I go to sleep and not have a single nightmare about them!

I first discovered this when I was rummaging in my brother’s files and found video clips of Happy Tree Friends. It was about 4am and I was using a headset to watch the videos. Next thing I knew, my mom was beside me – she was checking if I was alright because apparently my giggles and snickers had woken her up. My sibs were appalled that I found the videos utterly funny when they were so gory! A sample is shown below.

Warning: Contains really gory scenes. May not be suited for very young audiences or those with weak stomachs.


And yesterday that uncanny fascination of mine was again reflected when I selected Sweeney Todd as the movie we were to watch before turning for the night. Of course no one had any idea how gory the film was. When it was time for bed, my sister was sort of reluctant she watched the film eventhough she liked Johnny Depp as an actor. There was too much blood for her taste. But as for me, I was just giggling and snickering in delight at the film’s utter beauty.

Here is its official trailer:

And here is one of the most gory scenes in the movie:

Warning: There is so much blood and gore in this part so don’t watch it if you cannot stand such scenes. Also the quality is not that good but this is what I’ve managed to get.


Apart from the gory scenes, the movie’s story is really good. I hope I can watch the original Broadway play. 

By the way, have I also mentioned that I’ve immensely enjoyed the films 300 and Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2? For what reasons, I think you can guess. 😉


Author: elleica

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2 thoughts on “morbid bytes”

  1. I was always planning to watch Sweeney Todd but never really went for it. I really like my gorey films to have at least some story in it. I know people who like gorey films who watch a lot of films with mutilation, etc. but the storylines were really lame (I would be more pleased, if perhaps it was meant to be funny at least). So ayun!


    1. Maganda un storyline, promise! Pero you have to appreciate all the singing para ma-gets un story. Musical kasi talaga sya even in the movie.

      Yun Happy Tree Friends naman meant to be funny yung storylines. Try mo. 😀


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