I can’t help but take pity at Noynoy Aquino. He has been thrown into the brightest spotlight in the land today – a spotlight of which I don’t think he is completely ready for. I can imagine the pressure he is in right now – an outspoken presidential candidate has given up his post for him and thousands of Filipino people are urging him to run for the highest position in the country.

If before he had some desire to be president, he must have been shocked that such a desire would  materialize so early  and catch him completely unprepared. No wonder he needed the weekend to think and pray it over. 


I personally don’t think he is fully capable of running the country. Yet he has all the elements, reminiscent of the past, going for him. We have been under a President whom everyone believes has overextended her term, much like Pres. Marcos did. We are under an administration that have seen more deaths – army attacks, extra-judicial killings – somewhat similar to the salvage days of the Martial Law era. We are under an administration that claims economic prosperity which no one can really feel – GDP and GNP increases but the price of basic commodities remains expensive and more Pinoys go hungry everyday.

And now we have been presented with a choice for honest governance. Yes, he seems to lack experience but didn’t Cory also lacked experience when she assumed the position? 

Yet times are also slightly different now than before. During the 1980’s there were just two options – Marcos or Aquino. Now we also have Villar, Lacson, Binay, Escudero, De Castro, Panlilio even Estrada plus who knows who else. Wouldn’t it be all simpler if we would be left with just two options – a pro-administration and one against the administration. As I can see it, most of the candidates basically fight for the same reforms and causes. I believe that based on the basic premises of their platforms, we can categorize them into just two categories which would make our decisions much easier. 

I hope Noynoy gets the Divine guidance he needs. May the Lord speak to him about what the country really needs and what he really ought to do. And may the Lord speak, not only to him, but to the other presidential hopefuls as well. And may they have the nerve enough to listen to Him.

Author: elleica

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6 thoughts on “pressurized”

  1. noynoy clearly lacks experience. he will be a good statesman soon, but to run the country now? maybe it’s really too early. cory is indeed inexperienced, and because of that, she wasn’t able to maximize what the office can give to the country — deadlocks in the senate, coups here and there, and inefficiency in most of the ‘major’ laws under her administration (remember CARP?).

    but hey, this is democracy at work. the masses choose who it wants — literally — and probably put him or her in malacanang. i want mar over noynoy. but if noynoy wins, well, i wish him well. 🙂


    1. history has shown us how Filipinos vote for their leaders. it is clear that we as a nation cannot separate charm or popularity from real leadership. if the cory magic that surrounds ninoy now survives till may, he may well indeed win. let’s just hope that if he does, his advisers plus what experience he has will do the country good.

      more than that, i wish that we as a country will mature in how we select our nation’s leaders.


  2. hi elleica!

    hmm… i’m not convinced noynoy will make a good president just bec. his father was ninoy and his mother was cory. it’s a gamble, and one i’m not so sure the country is prepared to take.

    i don’t buy the argument that anyone who so wants to be president will make a bad president. if noynoy doesn’t want the presidency, then why should we give it to him? 😛


    1. deejay parang letter and iyong comment. hehe.

      of course no one becomes a president just because of heritage. it still takes skill, passion, etc.

      sabi daw ni Plato, “He who does not seek power is the most qualified to hold it” pero kung ayaw nga naman nun tao na qualified eh bakit natin pipilitin. then again, let’s wait what he decides on after his retreat. 🙂


  3. ‘ no one is born a president.. destiny and calling makes one.. =)

    – his mother was called a “simpleng maybahay” and the Marcoses called her “walang alam” at “kulang sa karanasan”.. in the recent US elections, Republicans called Obama inexperienced and scary.

    ‘ and juz a comment about erap estrada running because the opposition wont unite, i dont buy it. he just wants to run period. =)


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